New Year, New You – How to implement and maintain a “new you”

Here we are at the start of a new year. If there is one time in the year when we make goals, plans and dreams it is this time of year.

Exercise, diet and financial goals are big topics for new year’s resolutions.
We start with the greatest of intentions but statistics show that the majority of people forget their new year’s resolutions after about 3 weeks and then return to their old pattern of behaviour.

Creating your own personal clothing protocol, maintaining an organised wardrobe and understanding your own unique style are empowering resolutions to make and here at Working Frocks we are designing systems and courses for you to join which will help you design, create and implement your “new you”.

Lose 5, Stylise, Organise

To help you kick off the new year with a bang, we have a new course which we are really excited about. It’s called Lose 5, Stylise, Organise. If you want to:

drop 5lbs;

start the new year by being really intentional about your personal style;

only wearing clothes that suit you and that represent how you want to show up in this life every day;

plus transform your messy, haphazard wardrobe into an oasis of calm creativity…

then this is the perfect course to kick off the year.

Plus if you want to inject a healthy dollop of orgnisation into your clothes, weed out what no longer suits you, streamline your clothes to the point where every item has earnt its place there then this is the course for you. It is a 4 week programme and we start on the 17th January. So come and join us and get prepared to transform your outlook on life.

For more details, and to sign up, click here: Lose 5, Stylise, Organise.

But, wait! There’s more!

Wardrobe Journaling

One of our most popular subjects at Working Frocks has been anything that we publish on the subject of  Wardrobe Journaling. Some of our most downloaded blog posts and worksheets are on the topic of wardrobe journaling.  If you haven’t ever seen them, then check out the pages we have created which are specifically devoted to wardrobe journaling:

Wardrobe Journaling

We decided to create a mini course around Wardrobe Journaling.

Wardrobe journaling is a beautiful, serene way to take some time out for yourself.

It’s like a mini retreat. It calms your mind, reduces the fast beating of your heart and brings you to a place of stilness and quiet. A place where you can hear your own thoughts.

And from that place you can make decisions about who you are, who you want to become, and what you want in life.

Find out more information and sign up here

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