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Capsule Wardrobe Collection

capsule wardrobe

What is a capsule wardrobe collection?

A capsule wardrobe collection is a restricted group of interchangeable clothes which reflect your personality and lifestyle in such a way that the items are appropriate to wear every day.

Hello everyone!  We are preparing a short series of blog posts for you, to show you how you can incorporate a capsule wardrobe collection into your life with minimum hassle and maximum benefit.  Here at Working Frocks we believe that a capsule wardrobe should help you look your best.

So many articles and images are all about leggings and tee shirts.  While there is definitely a place in our lives for that we think that a capsule wardrobe has a much more interesting role to play in your life.  One where you wear the distillation, the essence of who you are in a small collection of items.

We have prepared a contents section for you to get the best out of this blog post.

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