At some point in time

pamper became self-care

I love the growth of self-care

It has made looking after yourself acceptable


There was this idea that looking after yourself

indulging yourself

was somehow wrong

Maybe it was perceived as something go getting working women

were too serious to do

if you’re a ceo you don’t take long baths with bubbles

that kind of thing

Self-care has normalised looking after our wellbeing

which is a great thing

Today I saw a magazine article with the headline


Pamper was what we said before self-care

Pamper is total self-care and more

Self-care seems worthy and functional in comparison

Pamper is just for the hell of it

not because I need it

Pamper is total self indulgence

Self-care is nurturing


What is pamper for you

a long bath

I mean hours not minutes

Someone to come to the house

to give you a facial a body massage a manicure a pedicure

but you’re not actually going out

I know

Can you reintroduce pampering into your own life

what would it look like

When I first thought about this 

I had absolutely no idea

The idea of pamper is

just because I want to


Just because it would be totally gorgeous and awesome

Make your favourite desert in the middle of the day

Drink champagne with a friend for no reason

Wear your best clothes today

Take a lot of time to get ready

Buy flowers from the gorgeous but expensive florists

I mean a large bouquet

and bring them home and enjoy them

Book a night at a hotel on your own

Have room service a bath watch a movie and wear the robe

Are you getting the idea

Pamper and self-care

Both and

Find time to pamper yourself

And enjoy

Sarah Banks is a designer, blogger and internet entrepreneur. Having started her entrepreneurial life with a couture wedding and day dress company she then got hooked on all things on-line, bringing her businesses online and fusing both worlds. Her experience and knowledge in creating one-off garments for her clients was the foundation for Working Frocks and she is uniquely placed to give styling advice, being not only a blogger, but a couture designer too.

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