3 Day Detox

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3-Day Wardrobe Detox

I’d like to invite you to sign up for our 3 day Wardrobe Detox.

The 3-day detox is our completely free course.

It is designed to take up only a small amount of time.  1 hour each day.  for 3 days.

It is designed to give you maximum benefit, to stop you in your tracks, and put your life back in the direction it should go.

That’s what it will do for you.

Would you like to beat exhaustion and depressive, negative thoughts?

You have come to the right place.

Would you like to be excited about wearing clothes you love?

Would you like to get ride of that vague feeling of unease you have each time you open your wardrobe door?

Do you think other women deserve to look better than you?

Are you just wearing a random selection of clothes each day?

Do you want to be calm, organised, peaceful and enjoy your life?


You don’t need more clothes to look and feel better.


You just need them to be organised and sorted into outfits you really want to wear.


Busy working women want to look great and have organised wardrobes but lack time and know how. 

So we design clothes and provide styling courses which give them the confidence to always know what to wear and how to wear it well.  

At Working Frocks our aim is to help women like you.  Busy women with busy lives.

We know that your wardrobe can be a minefield.  Old clothes.  Clothes that no longer fit.  Clothes you’ve never liked.  Clothes you like but can’t find.  Overstuffed wardrobes.  Disorganised wardrobes.

And one of the problems is, we just put up with it.  Open the wardrobe once a day, see the state of it, grab something we know will be ok, and shut the door.  And forget about it. Until tomorrow.  Do you know that feeling?

And yet, there doesn’t seem to be time to sort it out.  And where would you start?  And how would you go about making lasting changes to your clothes organisation skills?

That’s why I created the 3-day wardrobe detox.  I’ll guide you in tackling your wardrobe issues head on, in a short, but super effective time period.




Here at Working Frocks we have noticed time and time again the positive benefits that women experience when they invest even a little time and energy on themselves.

It’s all to easy to  give to everyone else emotionally but forget our own emotional needs.

It’s a no-brainer to try and get through our todo list because we know it will help us be more organised tomorrow.  But the todo list never ends does it?  And when you’re on that hamster wheel going round and round, it’s so hard to stop.




The benefits of having an organised wardrobe are like being organised in any other part of your life.  A messy kitchen is hard to work in.  A messy office, well how could you get anything done in a messy office?  Messy gardens, sitting rooms, bedrooms.  It’s all the same.  But how come we put up with a messy wardrobe?  What makes that any different to the rest of our lives?

I think it comes back to the priority issue.  We just don’t make it a priority.

But if it were a priority and you put some time aside and organised your wardrobe, imagine how you would feel?  Organised?  Calm?  In control? Like yourself?  Free?

With the 3-day wardrobe detox, I can help you create a small space in your diary, make sorting your clothes a priority, and reap the benefits for the rest of the year.

Scientific studies are increasingly showing that what we wear has a profound impact on our psychological state and can improve the way we show up in our lives.

Isn’t that worth a few hours of your time?

So that’s why I’m delighted to invite you to join me for a 3 day wardrobe detox course.  For one hour a day over three days we will go through, together, a curated clothes cleanse and reboot your wardrobe with wearable clothes you love.

And great news! It’s totally free to sign up for the 3-day wardrobe detox.  Take advantage of 3 days with a designer and wardrobe stylist.  I’ve made clothes for women just like you for most of my working life and I know and understand the frustrations that you may have with your wardrobe.

This is a great time of year to have a wardrobe detox.  You’ll be able to fling off the old, worn and ill-fitting and reclaim valuable headspace and clothes space that will enable you to start each day calm and confident.




This is our action plan:

On Day 1 we will go straight into action:  We will assess where you are now and where you want to be.  I’ll teach you how to evaluate whether to keep or ditch each and every item of clothing.



On Day 2 I’m going to invite you to be the star of your wardrobe.

I’ll show you how to create your ideal wardrobe, how to decide what’s right for you.  Additional we’ll go through the Working Frocks system that I use to get the clothes balance right in your wardrobe and always have something great to wear for whatever you are doing.



On Day 3 we’ll look at the system we use at Working Frocks to monitor and maintain wardrobe health.  I’ll teach you how to make common clothing mistakes and we’ll wrap up our 3 days together with some advice as to how to maintain your success: where to go from here; and next steps.



It’s a great fun challenge, with worthwhile and positive results, and I really look forward to you joining me in the 3 day wardrobe detox challenge/course.

Sign up here and let’s get started together!



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