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Confidence: How dressing affects your attitude and confidence

Confidence How dressing affects your attitude and confidence Are you stuck in a rut?Are you no longer confident in yourself?Do you realise just how dressing affects your attitude and confidence?Are you aware that you can change your mental state through the every day habit of getting dressed? It can come upon us without being aware … Read more

Fun Outfit

woman in blue dress with handbag

Fun Outfit

It’s the end of the week and what are you going to wear


Not that again

Don’t wear that

You’re only wearing it because it’s easy

Find something that you love

Something that’s fun

Wear fun clothes

Fun shouldn’t stop when we grow up

Find something that you love

And wear it

A tulle skirt with a jumper and boots

A long skirt with a tee shirt

Trousers with a dress

But it doesn’t have to be unusual combinations

It can just be something that you love

A gorgeous shirt

A fantastic dress

Sometimes it’s easier to start with accessories

Wear those earrings

You know the ones that you love but think might be too big

Just wear them

Enjoy them

Enjoy being you

That’s all


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When you look good you feel good.

And when you feel good you look good.

The two go hand in hand.

You look in the mirror and think, “If I could just lose the tummy, wear better clothes, change my hair, everything would be better.”

This doesn’t work.

You need both: to look good and to feel good.

This is why we created the Stylish Wellness Institute.

To help you look good and feel good.

Click here to find out more and sign up to be notified when doors open.


Being Glamourous: 5 ways to put outfits together and look instantly glamourous

Being glamourous

What is it about being glamourous that seems so desirable but so elusive at the same time?

Why is it that some women walk into a room and you see them as they walk in and you think to yourself, “How does she look so good?”, “She looks so amazing” or “She looks so effortlessly glamourous, does she have all day to get ready?”

Let’s face it, style is innate in some women.

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What to wear each week: 5 steps to easily plan a week’s worth of clothes

You’re a busy woman and don’t have lengthy time to spare choosing outfits or you’re a woman in need of direction as to what to wear each week and how to wear it. Either way we’ve got you covered in this blog post as we take you through our weekly planner, to plan a week’s worth of clothes in 5 minutes, ensuring you look fresh as a daisy or glamourous as a gladioli each and every day.

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20 simple reasons to improve your looks

Why improving your looks should be a priority

To improve your looks is to look after all the physical and mental assets of your body. It is to exercise and feed your body well, practice good grooming for your personal appearance and care for your mental health. As a result your outer appearance is more attractive.

You may think that improving your looks is all about your visual appearance and maybe you feel it’s a bit vain to be thinking about improving your looks. But improving your looks is a mental game first and foremost.

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7 ways to create the perfect Spring transition outfit

Your perfect Spring transition outfit

I have been looking through my wardrobe looking for suitable clothes combinations, working out what to wear as early spring weather gives us a combination of lovely warm days followed by equally cold ones At this time of year what is needed is a spring transition outfit – a combinations of clothes which which will feel spring-like, but be versatile enough to keep you warm when the weather takes a cold turn.  Which it will.

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How journaling stops negative self talk

How journaling stops negative self talk

Negative self talk acts like ‘scripts’ in our brain that we run through repeatedly. It’s a bit like rehearsing for a play: You have your script and you go over it again and again, learning the lines, assuming the character, working out how to play the part. All the while your negative self talk embeds itself in your brain as the truth.

The problem is that these are negative scripts made up of thoughts and they are not necessarily true. However you might think they are true because you’ve practiced them so many times that you have now assumed the character portrayed in the script.

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