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Let your clothes do the talking: Establish your Authority without saying a word

Don’t reduce your influence and respect by neglecting your appearance.
Don’t miss out on having your dream life by not dressing for it.
Don’t allow stress and burnout by downgrading your personal authority.

Your clothes are your best advocate: So learn how to let them best represent you

Create positive impressions and opportunities by looking after your appearance.
Spark motivation and mindset shifts by dressing for your dream life.
Enjoy enhanced leadership and influence by cultivating your personal authority.

Sarah Banks

Align your appearance with your growing Authority

When you learn to dress with authority, choosing what to wear and getting dressed each day becomes intuitive and seamless.
No more battles with yourself or your wardrobe, you’ll be dressing from a place of inner confidence.

Working Frocks Simple Wardrobe Styling

Create a 7-piece capsule wardrobe

that you love, in under an hour, without spending any money

How can I help you today?

Let’s get your body, clothes and mind sorted….

Speed Detox your Wardrobe
Dress for your body shape
The best version of you
Wardrobe Basics

Find your Unique Style

Having spoken to many clients and friends over the years , it seems that looking and feeling really great every day on a consistent basis is a struggle that you all face at some point.  Quite often, if I ask what one wardrobe dilemma they would like addressing, women say, ‘How to dress for me and know what my unique style is’.

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