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Home Page March 2022


If you would like to dress better than you do but don't know how,

or need to pull yourself out of a style rut,

or want to wear clothes that you love and feel great in,

then we are here to help, and you have come to the right place.

Hello I’m Sarah

I'm here to help recharge your self esteem and self confidence, rediscover your personal style and basically knock your own life out of the ball park.

And we are going to do that through the medium of your clothes: what you wear; why you wear it; what you'd really like to wear and what you need to stop wearing and drop like hot bricks.


Visually, we are always communicating.

So let's be intentional about what you communicate.

How we work at Working Frocks and what we can offer you

Working Frocks create programmes, courses, blog posts and styling tips all designed to help busy women like you look and feel like the women you want to be.

We give you the resources and encouragement to empower you to live your life to its fullest.

If you are looking for community, our membership club, the Stylish Wellness Institute focuses on how you feel as much as how you look. Find out more about the Stylish Wellness Institute.

Tools to develop you as a person, and you in terms of your personal style.

Working Frocks has a wealth of free content to help you:

Content like: Find your unique style: The best version of you: Dress for your body shape: Speed detox your wardrobe...

Find your unique style

Learn more

The best version of you

Learn more

Dress for your body shape

Learn more

Speed detox your wardrobe

Learn more

VISIBLE magazine

Read Working Frocks' magazine, VISIBLE. Created by us to help you be visible in your life. An inspiring read designed to encourage you by giving you step by step paths to help you take positive action in your own life, show up in an authentic way, and be visible.

Our Courses

Wardrobe Journaling

Use the practice of journaling to reveal your sometimes unconscious thoughts to yourself. Learn our step by step process to understand yourself and take positive action to change old patterns of behaviour that might be derailing you. Reveal yourself to yourself through our daily journaling steps. Decide what changes you want to make around how you see yourself and what you wear to enable you to live a life that is uniquely your own.

Learn more

Lose 5, Stylise, Organise

Do you love what you wear and does it reflect how you feel on the inside? Does everything in your wardrobe suit you, fit you and do you love every single piece? Do you feel comfortable in your clothes? Do you glide into everything you wear with no oversnug waistbands or sleeves that are too tight? Do you like what you see in the mirror? If the answer to those questions is no, and you had to hesitate before you answered, then you need 'Lose 5, Stylise, Organise'.

Learn more

Coming shortly...... our membership club, the Stylish Wellness Institute

The Stylish Wellness Institute is our online membership club for women helping you to transform your personal style, reconnect with who you are and live this out successfully in your life

Our primary aim is to help you look and feel your best, to help you find your own style and to guide you to your own unique Zone of Peace, where the outer you and the inner you meet. We want the person you are on the inside to match the person you look like on the outside. But first you need to know who that person is.  And you need to know what you want to wear and how you want your own unique style to be. This is what the Stylish Wellness Institute will help you achieve.

Give yourself a rest from the incessant brain chatter

Learn more

The link between delayed gratification and low self esteem

Learn more

Change the story you tell about yourself

Learn more

My best tip for having a great day: Get your clothes organised

Learn more

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