Confidence: How dressing affects your attitude and confidence

In the realm of boosting confidence and self-esteem, the transformative power of self-care and clothing choices reign supreme. It’s not merely about donning fashionable attire to satisfy a fleeting whim; it’s about the profound impact that our wardrobe has on our mindset and demeanor and ultimately how we live our life. Science backs it up: … Read more

Positive Body Image

Woman face on to the camera, head shot, smiling face, red lipstick, freckles

Wearing great clothes is a positive experience

I was thinking this morning how putting on clothes that make us feel great is such a positive experience.

As women we know that a positive body image is really important.

Important both for ourselves and as a legacy to pass on to other women: to our daughters, to nieces, to cousins, sisters, and outside of the family to female colleagues and employees.

Why don’t we do that though?  Why don’t we intentionally create a positive body image and help and affirm other women at the same time?

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The Psychology of dressing well: Why looking good is strategy not vanity

The Psychology of dressing well: Why looking good is strategy not vanity “It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances”, said Oscar Wilde.  Succinctly he highlighted that how you present yourself says more about you than your title or your job description.  The psychology of dressing well is a two-part process.  Firstly … Read more

Wardrobe Fundamentals: How to 5: Get your head sorted and buy the best clothes for you.

It may be that you are a loss about what to wear.  You buy clothes for different reasons but nothing every seems to feel right.  Does the following statement describe you?: I buy clothes hoping that they will “do” and that I can scrape by unnoticed.  I also buy clothes to cover up although my … Read more

Insta Wardrobe Fundamentals: 4: How to find your personal style

How to find your personal style Want to improve your look? Fed up of the same personal style you’ve had for years?  Don’t know how to make a change that will suit you without making costly mistakes or spending time you haven’t got?  Use this Insta wardrobe fundamentals blog, “How to find your personal style” … Read more