Confidence: How dressing affects your attitude and confidence

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In the realm of boosting confidence and self-esteem, the transformative power of self-care and clothing choices reign supreme. It’s not merely about donning fashionable attire to satisfy a fleeting whim; it’s about the profound impact that our wardrobe has on our mindset and demeanor and ultimately how we live our life. Science backs it up: … Read more

Prioritise yourself

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Are you good at prioritising yourself

Prioritising yourself means giving yourself attention

And valuing that attention to the same degree

that you value the attention you give others

Prioritising yourself isn’t to do with being selfish

or falsely self denying

Oh I couldn’t possibly prioritise myself

I’m not selfish

Prioritising yourself doesn’t mean that you are selfish

or self absorbed or narcissistic

You could put a time in your diary

like 3.30pm on a Thursday

and at that time do what you need to do to look after yourself

What do you need to do for yourself

There is always something

If you want to achieve anything in life

you have to focus on it give it some attention

and prioritise it

If you want to look good and feel good too

you need to prioritise the time that you are going to devote to that

Looking good is intrinsically tied up in your identity

who you are and how you are in this world

Sometimes women avoid prioritising themselves

because there is something they want to avoid

Is there anything you want to avoid

You need to get those feelings out before you can start to prioritise yourself

Write them down

all those feelings

Just get them out on paper

Then look at all those feelings

and deal with them

Prioritising yourself comes from

self acceptance self love self understanding

If you’re avoiding mirrors

not planning what to wear

not enjoying wearing your clothes

not feeling that you are approaching life in a way that you can totally embrace it

Then you need to deal with that stuff

The good news is that when you deal with it

you will feel great


You’ll be able to prioritise yourself

and feel amazing

Finding your unique you is a great thing

You’ve found yourself

You’ve met yourself

And that’s the start of a whole new journey

In my post on Finding your unique style I wrote about the power of habit over willpower and covered the subject of dropping negative comparison practices from you life.  If you’d like to read the full post on Finding your unique style  and read more on how to develop easy ways to develop positive body image it’s available here.


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Positive Body Image

Blog header with image of women in underwear, jumping.
Blog header with image of women in underwear, jumping.

Wearing great clothes is a positive experience

I was thinking this morning how putting on clothes that make us feel great is such a positive experience.

As women we know that a positive body image is really important.

Important both for ourselves and as a legacy to pass on to other women: to our daughters, to nieces, to cousins, sisters, and outside of the family to female colleagues and employees.

Why don’t we do that though?  Why don’t we intentionally create a positive body image and help and affirm other women at the same time?

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