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How to improve the way you look: 5 simple steps to look and feel good

how you look depends on how you feel as much as your visual appearance

How do you feel about the way you look?

Imagine walking into a relaxing, peaceful space. A space where you go into a room, shut the door, kick off your shoes and relax.

It’s a space of beauty, of safety, of security.

It’s a way of remembering to be serene, of becoming who you are.

This is reDRESS, the stylish wellness club.

It’s a beautiful space for women.


I first had the idea for reDRESS a few years ago. I imagined a physical building where you would come to be well, to take time to look after yourselves, prioritise yourselves and look good too. I realised that

self care is strategy not vanity

and I also realised I was my own worst enemy.

With my business I was filled with anxiety and worry, I thought that if my business was hard work then I had failed. If I put on weight I felt I had let myself down. If I forgot something I felt that I was not as able as other women.

I was always complimented on what I wore. I loved choosing my outfit each day. It gave me such peace and happiness. It helped me relax. I felt like myself.

So as I wrote my blog posts about dressing well, creating a wardrobe you love and finding your unique style there was also this other thread that was running alongside in my mind and it was all to do with wellness.

how you look depends on how you feel as much as your visual appearance

Not striving, deprivation, anxiety, rejection


self acceptance, self appreciation, self support

Learning to change has been a process, it didn’t happen overnight. It came from a long time of examining my thoughts, my fears and my anxieties and working through them.

And then I thought that instead of waiting to have a physical building, I’d create an online space for women to come and be able to go through the same journey as I have been on. In fact I am still on that journey, we are all on the journey. And if I can encourage women in any way, it’s in this way, in helping you create a life of stylish wellness of your own.

A life where you achieve all your goals but you feel great too.

A life where you look good, and feel good too, where looking good doesn’t come with a deprivation price tag. Where the way you look resonates with who you are and who you want to be.

A life where you love the clothes that you wear, where your unique style reflects the real you out to the world.

Not the mum you. Or the business woman you. Or the volunteer you. Or the family organiser you. Or the …

well you get it.

The real you.

I know we don’t prioritise this aspect of our lives.

So that’s why I’m here.

To help you get there. To be the space where you can come

and breathe

and recharge

and remember who you are

and love the way you look.

way you look

We created reDRESS, the stylish wellness club to help you love the way you look. And we have discovered that other forces, other than your clothes will help you love yourself and the way you look. reDRESS takes you on this journey.

In the 5 short paragraphs that follow I give you compelling reasons to come on that journey of style and wellness and invite you to take that journey with us in reDRESS.

1. Confidence

“Become the fascinating woman in the room”

You want to be the most fascinating woman in the room. Who doesn’t? But you really don’t want to be that person from a brittle, hard edged standpoint, taking your mask off in private and leading a life of quiet misery when you’re out of sight.

Who would want that?

But that is what lots of us do. Turn up in public all smiley and happy family. And then once we’re back in the car it’s back to squabbles, ignoring the spouse and frustration with all around you.

We call reDRESS the stylish wellness club because we focus on both the outer you and the inner you. We call the place where the outer you and the inner you meet, your zone of peace. Your confidence is found in this zone of peace. Transforming your personal style in the way you look (the outer you) and rediscovering the real you (the inner you) will support your inner wellness and outer style. Your friends will see the difference in how you look and behave but won’t be able to put their finger on what your secret is. You will see the difference in yourself and won’t be able to believe you are the same person.

The secret is that the outer you and inner you both have to develop at the same or similar rate for your confidence to be genuine. This is how reDRESS will help you, by showing you how to develop both at the same time, by loving how you look and by loving who you are.

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2. Increased energy

“Create the real you”

When a woman starts to look good she walks with a spring in her step, when she starts to feel good too, that woman is on a happy upward energy curve.

Often though, our lives don’t feel like that. We feel exhausted and tired, long days and family commitments wear us out. By coming back to ourselves, taking time to nurture ourselves, our depleted energy levels rise exponentially. reDRESS helps you take time for yourself, something you might not do if you’re not prompted to do so. But this energy that you can create for yourself using the classes in the redRESS online portal is what you will use to change your life and the way you look and create the real you.

But energy is also a mental issue, not just a physical issue. Each day when you get dressed you may be stressed out. You may dread going to the wardrobe.

Will it fit?

There is nothing here to wear.

Nothing goes with anything.

Where is that ……..? I know it’s here somewhere.

There may be more emotions in your wardrobe than clothes and reDRESS will enable you to have a wardrobe full of clothes that you love. reDRESS will help you find your unique style and dress out of that unique style.

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3. Self belief

“Be the person you want to be”

You will not become the woman you long to be without stepping out each day to become her. Who is it that you want to be and how do you want to live your life? You won’t need to look at other women and wonder what it would be like to have their life. Develop your own self belief and it will take you wherever you want to go with your life.

You will be the woman that other women look at and think, “What would it be like to have her life?”

In reDRESS we show you how transforming your personal style and changing the way you look unleashes massive self belief. We teach you the value of being intentional about what you wear each day so that the way you look becomes a daily empowering statement of intent.



4. Self motivation

“A firm foundation to make a change”

Spoiler alert, there is no such thing as self motivation which fuels you constantly, puts you in a positive frame of mind and gets you from your starting point to your finishing point without a ruffled feather or a hair out of place. Self motivation is a decision to remember what you want and act accordingly.

What our stylish and wellness concept will do for you is put you in the best frame of mind to stick with your decisions. reDRESS will give you the platform on which to develop your self motivation: lost weight, tone up, dress better, change the way you look and feel better about yourself. Whatever it is, reDRESS gives you that firm foundation to make the changes to the way you look and feel, helping you stay on track with accountability calls and coaching.



5. Purposefulness

“Purposefulness is an inner path”

Purposefulness is an inner path, not a 4 lane highway full of everyone else’s wants and needs. It takes peace and quiet to find that purposefulness, especially with all the competing demands of life clamouring for our attention.

Come back to that place of stilness with reDRESS. Use our weekly calls and topics for each month to think about your plans, your purposefulness. Use the wellness space of reDRESS to become the stylish, purposeful woman that you are. reDRESS give you space and time. Even a small amount of time is enough. Come and discover for yourself and start that journey today.

I really look forward to seeing you in reDRESS and can’t wait to be on this stylish wellness journey with you!

Have a great day!


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