Styling Tips

Quick Tips to improve your style instantly!

We all need a boost from time to time so pick one (or more) of our quick styling tips and pep up your style in an instant:

lipstick, earring and wording about instantly improving your day through what you are wearing     Jeans, mug of coffee and sweater flatlay      earrings and flowers - bin the bling!

Image of sunglasses, brown leather bag and a silk scarf tied loosely around the bag handles     Staw bag with circular handles, the bag is packed with items     Pile of straw hats, one on top of the other: pink, navy blue, natural colour

hoop earrings with cowrie shells hanging off     faded picture of peonies, advertising sytling tip about putting a flower in your hair     image of round lens sunglasses with gold frames - blog post on tidying your sunglasses

Image with paint palette in the background, title of blog post is clothes palette