Styling Tips

Quick Tips to improve your style instantly!

We all need a boost from time to time so pick one (or more) of our quick styling tips and pep up your style in an instant:

lipstick, earring and wording about instantly improving your day through what you are wearing     Jeans, mug of coffee and sweater flatlay      earrings and flowers - bin the bling!

Image of sunglasses, brown leather bag and a silk scarf tied loosely around the bag handles     Staw bag with circular handles, the bag is packed with items     Pile of straw hats, one on top of the other: pink, navy blue, natural colour

hoop earrings with cowrie shells hanging off     faded picture of peonies, advertising sytling tip about putting a flower in your hair     image of round lens sunglasses with gold frames - blog post on tidying your sunglasses

Image with paint palette in the background, title of blog post is clothes palette    half of woman's face with brown hair held in place with two pearl hair pins    Pair of white trainers

Woman in a floral dress and straw hat, facing away    Large framed sunglasses, frames in gold and lenses in brown    Make up brushes with white bristles and bronze colour metal tips

Picture of a rose with the title, "Strong"    Background image of three white shop mannequins with red lipstick. Text overlay is the title of the blog post, "Glamourous"    3 half oranges arranged diagonally across a blue background with puddles of melting ice, Caption is for a blog post entitled Healthy

Cotton buds on a branch on a pale white background. Article on wearing light clothing in the summer    cream tote bag made of strips of leather woven together and long straps    Gold arm cuff

Button and flap detail on linen trouser pocket    Woman sitting on a rug wearing an all-white outfit including a white panama hat    Snakeskin background

Woman face on to the camera, head shot, smiling face, red lipstick, freckles    woman viewed from the back with long dark hair and a handbag over her shoulder. She is wearing a short, belted raincoat and standing on the shore line staring out to the water    A pair of gold sparkly high heeled mules

Woman in white short body suit    woman in stripey, long sundress with straw circular bag on a long strap. Woman outdoors in a garden    woman in outdoor jacuzzi, blond hair in bathing suit

Background image of moisturiser bottles intended to show the power of habit    background picture of a stylish woman in a shorts suit walking a dog   

Woman with shopping bags running or skipping. background is like a cubist or futurist multi-coloured picture    blue denim very short frayed shorts    strappy leather thong sandals with multicoloured pom poms. Toes painted red, looking down from above

Woman in jeans with a white tee shirt knotted at the waist. only torso viewed in image.    Straw sun hat on a dark background    Sand timer image for a blog post on body shape

Gift box wrapped in bright pink paper with a gold bow to signify "New You"    wide white leather belt with a leather tie    ethnic brown leather bag with embroidery detail, fringing and hand stitching. worn at the waist

2 glasses of rose champagne against the backdrop of a swimming pool. Blog title is dress like an A-lister        Image of a woman's body with a rose motif superimposed onto the silhouette. Styling Tip title is Body Positive

woman on a beach, jumping with her arms stretched up and out and her feet tucked behind her. The beach has pale soft sand and the sea is turquoise blue. She has brown hair, is wearing a hat and a sundress and looks totally free    Bay leave heart wreath The text reads ditch autopilot life, learn self compassion, stop being so hard on yourself, Love your body    picture of a lavendar coloured plant to accompany a short article entitled Reveal yourself

Waist view of white trousers worn with a red ribbon worn as a belt and tied in a bow at the side. Hand is in pocket. You can just see a pale, patterned top in white and beige. Relaxed, stylish summer look    Smiling woman with blond hair. Her head it tilted and she is facing the camera. She has red lipstick. There is sunshine in the background    Background is a flatlay of a relaxed casual stylish outfit: leather open toed mules with a know above the toes, jeans, jewellery and sunglasses. The post is about the weekend and why you should dress well in your time off

Woman on a white traditional style bicycle. She is wearing a pink coat, sports casual white trousers and pale grey casual slip-on shoes. Only the bottom half of her body is in the image. The image is for a post entitled Sports Casual    Woman sitting on a rock in a posed photograph. She has long blond hair and is wearing a leotard. She is a dancer but is barefoot. The image goes with the post on wearing a Leotard or body suit    picture of a metal heart on a beach. Accompanies the blog post entitled Discipline, about why self kindness is actually self discipline

Blog post entitled Freedom woman in a long white dress drinking coffee from a white cup in a kitchen. She is very overdressed for being in the kitchen, but that's what freedom is!    image of a pair of modern pearl earrings. The hooks are a simple gold wire and there are 7 pearls which drop down as a pendant. The blog title is Pearl    black woman with short hair. She is wearing a pink leather jacket, which is open to reveal a white tee shirt or body underneath and blue jeans. She is smiling. The blog article is about finding your personal style using your zone of peace

How to plan well. Image of a planner and a pen and flowers all in pale pink.    Black White Grey Early Fall/Autumn Dresses for your working day - Adventure - Close up - White sleeveless dress with draped collar. Autumn Winter 2020. Part lined.    Emotional Management Styling Tips Wardrobe emotions image of the sand with a heart scored into the wet sand and a wave on the sea shore

Start the week well styling tip working frocks    wardrobe journalling working frocks    Women have a voice you have a voice and we don't have to conform Your voice creates life creates your life Working Frocks Styling tips

French chic woman sitting on a pavement cafe in France Working Frocks blog post    Creating a capsule wardrobe woman in a floating knee length dress and beret working frocks    Woman in a black pleather or leather pencil skirt with a sleeveless white top working frocks



Beach and sea view. work and play. Sand close up        woman in pale blue jeans and cream blazer  

woman in a white crochet long waist coat, cropped top and trousers (just visible)    woman on a beach running with her head thrown back. The sun is setting on the water and there is a warm glow    Camel coloured sandals, a black dress and black and white belt. Accompanies the style tip on: Black, White and Camel  

    Summer dress