Wardrobe Journaling

Wardrobe Journaling

A 6 step plan that will

identify the unconscous thought patterns and negative scripts that run in your brain, so that you

stop you from hiding from yourself

dress better – like you want, from a place of freedom

change the status quo – make positive changes, learn to dress in a different way and then discover how to maintain the change

How would you year change if you spent a few hours at the beginning of it working out who you are and what you need in life to be successful on your own terms?

Look forward to one week from now where you;

stop floating on the surface of your life and engage every minute with this one unique life that you are given;

uncover stumbling blocks about what you think about yourself and what is holding you back;

learn how to spot fear in your life, how it is holding you back, and how to make decisions to deal with it once and for all;

start to develop habits to bring out the best in yourself;

sift through the options of who you want to be, and make a decision;

finish the course with a plan for taking this forward into your year and using it to make a real impact on your life


Who wouldn’t want that for themselves?

It can be yours.

You get immediate access to the course.

The exercises are designed to follow one after the other.

You can complete it all in one day if you like,

but we recommend taking a weekend or a week, so you can absorbe the information and really take it all in.

Introducing Wardrobe Journaling, a unique methodology from Working Frocks

As far as we are aware, Wardrobe Journaling is a unique system, combining journaling with personal styling. It is simple and innovative. It is a beautiful, holistic way of examining your thoughts in a non-judgmental, non-accusatory way. It’s a deep, reassuring salve to your senses.




Wardrobe Journalling’s unique process takes you through a systemised methodology. We guide you through each step and give you the space to think your own thoughts calmly and with self love.



 Wardrobe Journaling course will give you immediate results and benefits.  It is designed to help you get in touch with your inner thoughts, some of which you may be unaware that you are thinking. By the end of the 6 modules you will have examined your thoughts and made a decision as to how you want to take them forward.  We will give you guidance in the sixth module as to how to take your decisions forward with you.

Your life, what you wear, who you want to be ……………..

Use the 6 course modules to reset your own internal navigation.

Once you have completed the course we will show you how to turn your thoughts into action

Action, not thoughts, leads to change and transformation.

The final step of the process is to decide how to take your new thoughts and decisions with you in the journey of life. Use the time you have devoted to the course wisely and let it make an impact on your future life. We show you how.


It costs nothing to give yourself the gift of time.

Use the few short hours that this course will take to reflect on your thoughts and actions. To uncover thoughts that you didn’t realise you were thinking.

Then take those thoughts and create something really beautiful that you can take into the rest of the year, the rest of your life and deepen your understanding of yourself and the world around you.


If you want a kick start,

or want to get rid of some old, limiting beliefs,

or if you just want to uplevel your style or create a new personal style for yourself,

then take action and join the Wardrobe Journaling course.

We give you the space and the roadmap and help you journey through it. We are with you every step of the way to help you navigate through the modules and out the other side into …

well who knows what might happen after you have spent this time on yourself…

All you need to do is join us and see the results for yourself.

Are you in?