How to feel good

Most women just want to feel better

Feeling good is entirely within our control

It doesn’t rely on external circumstances

or other people

or the amount of money you have

or don’t have

Emotions are created in your mind

not in the fridge

There is nothing that you can do that will change the way you feel

It’s actually all in your mind

You might say to me

But you’re a dress designer don’t you think your clothes make women feel better

And I would say

It’s what you feel about those clothes that will make you feel happy or not

Of course there are external influences about having a dress made

or buying something

and it fitting you perfectly and fitting your idea of what you want to wear

You can control how you feel which is very powerful

To have enough control over yourself that you can dictate how you feel

puts you in a powerful position over yourself

At Working Frocks we run a 3-day wardrobe detox

It’s all about clearing out your wardrobe, making space for clothes you do want to wear

and always having the right outfit to wear without stress or overwhelm or beating yourself up

But really this detox is all about your emotions

About how you feel and about how you want to feel

It’s about sorting out those emotions that lead to overbuying

so that your wardrobe is crammed with clothes, some of which you’ve never worn.

It’s about why you are holding onto clothes that you last wore 10 years ago

It’s about opening the door to your wardrobe and not being overwhelmed by negativity and low self worth.

But instead it’s about opening the wardrobe door

and feeling joy and happiness and peace and self love.

Cone on the journey

Come and feel good


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