Body Postive

Image of a woman's body with a rose motif superimposed onto the silhouette. Styling Tip title is Body Positive

Turning your body anxieties into body positives

Is that possible

Well yes it is

Pay attention to what you wear

how you feel when you wear it

and what you are telling yourself

Instead of thinking that your body shape has huge flaws and you can never look good

Change your thinking

What was a handicap

start to think of as an advantage

The first step to looking great

is accepting yourself

Just as you are

Yes just as you are

Don’t think

I’ll be happy when I lose weight


I’d be happy if I didn’t have a small bust


large hips


no ankles


big arms



Why wait

You can choose to be happy today

And you can choose to feel good about your body today

Happiness doesn’t rely on you losing weight

or toning up


is a decision

Your body anxieties

Everyone has them

Well not everyone

Some people don’t

As women

our body shape changes greatly

Adolescence can bring puppy fat

Adulthood can bring child bearing

with a great change in body shape and size

Menopause can bring another change in shape and size

Anxiety is totally understandable

Don’t feel bad about that

But don’t stay in that place of anxiety either

Remember that you are not alone

Many women have body anxiety so you’re not the only one

Anxiety can make us feel isolated

like we are on our own

But that is not true

Secondly we all have redeeming features

If your levels of self rejection are high

you might find it hard to acknowledge that you are beautiful and unique

in your own way

Body anxiety is often a comparison between

ourselves and others and finding ourselves lacking

A piece of advice

Stop comparing yourself

Making comparisons robs you of the joy of your uniqueness

Body anxiety can be fear-led

You fear being you

because being you feels like exposure

and remaining in a state of body anxiety feels like hiding and safety

But it isn’t safe

it’s a slow death of the unique you

which you probably already know

We all feel scared and vulnerable until we dive into life

Like standing on the edge of the swimming pool

It looks cold

You need to get in the water

The best way is to jump or dive right in

Going in slowly is excrutiatingly cold

But diving in

is exhilarating

and refreshing

and bracing

and makes you feel alive

So dive in

Dive into accepting yourself your body shape


You are you

And that’s great

Image of a woman's body with a rose motif superimposed onto the silhouette. Styling Tip title is Body Positive


At Working Frocks we want all women to have the enjoyment and freedom of looking and feeling amazing every day.

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  1. Paying attention to how we feel in our clothes – yes I believe in this more than anything else when it comes to dressing. Once you find what feels good, that is so much more important than the latest trend.


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