Dress like an A-lister

2 glasses of rose champagne against the backdrop of a swimming pool. Blog title is dress like an A-lister

It may be that you feel that a beautiful collection of clothes is only available to

the A-lister group, royalty, heads of state and of large international companies

I can understand that

It’s convenient to think that somewhere else someone has a better life than you

evidenced by the wonderful wardrobe full of carefully chosen clothes that all suit each other

shoes for every occasion and the perfect accessory for every outfit

that someone else has

This is not true though

It might be a story that you are telling yourself because you don’t feel you deserve better

However it is totally realistic to expect to have a beautiful collection of clothes to wear

whatever your age, income level and life situation

Here’s a quick lowdown on what you need to do

Wake up every day to a beautiful collection of clothes

Wear clothes you love and actively engage with what you want to wear

Don’t sleep walk through life in your pyjamas or your jogging bottoms

Stop buying clothes intermittently and ad hoc

Be intentional about what you wear

Only buy items you want to buy

Stop buying random tee shirts cardigans and tops

just because you want to buy something

They don’t serve you

Buy for the long term

Buy the best quality you can

Plan ahead for the sales and buy large luxury items then

If you can’t afford to buy the best quality you would like

You can look equally good in charity shops or thrift shop purchases

it all comes down to planning and taking action

Plan ahead, plan seasonally, and plan for events

Plan to look good at Christmas

at the airport

at the school gate

at home

Every day is an opportunity to look your best

Keep a wardrobe list of items you have and items you want

You keep a budget for everything else

well your wardrobe is no different

Keep a tally of what you’ve got

that’s when you discover you’ve got six black skirts that you don’t like

when you could be wearing something you really look great in

Keeping a tally helps you to budget and to monitor what is in your wardrobe

Refine your style

A-listers are known for their particular style

Develop your own style

Just concentrate on that

Don’t look around and compare yourself to others

Just concentrate on your own life

on your own lane

That’s when you discover that you are the A-lister of your own life

and that’s when your life starts to change

2 glasses of rose champagne against the backdrop of a swimming pool. Blog title is dress like an A-lister

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