7 ways to create the perfect Spring transition outfit

Your perfect Spring transition outfit

I have been looking through my wardrobe looking for suitable clothes combinations, working out what to wear as early spring weather gives us a combination of lovely warm days followed by equally cold ones At this time of year what is needed is a spring transition outfit – a combinations of clothes which which will feel spring-like, but be versatile enough to keep you warm when the weather takes a cold turn.  Which it will.

So here are 7 different spring transition outfit types that are perfect for transitioning out of winter into Spring with enough flexibility to keep you cool on the warmer days and warm on the cooler days. Each outfit has a base item which is the key item in the outfit group and around which the outfit is built. The base item appears in italics below:

Black linen trousers, grey teeshirt, black/grey/white cardigan. I wore this combination at the weekend and it was perfect.

Jeans, chiffon blouse, cropped 3/4 sleeve cashmere cardigan. The blue of the denim is the perfect canvas for other colours. The chiffon blouse is lightweight, long and floaty and the colours are spring-like, over which the cashmere cardigan is short, boxy, in spring colours, but warm

Dress with trousers. Knee-length, cream/butterscotch silk dress with black wide-leg trousers. I love this combination. It was so comfortable but looked really stylish. Will also be wearing the dress with cream wide-leg trousers. One of my favourite spring transition outfit looks. So easy to wear, but great fun too.

Off-white top, black skirt. I wore this with black tights and black shoes. Definitely a work outfit with all that black. I do feel a little like a waitress in this combination, but it’s a great spring transition outfit for work, especially when you’re on Zoom/Teams/other video during the day.

Fitted denim jacket, tee shirt, full knee-length skirt. Brilliantly easy combination that can be dressed up or down. My jacket is really fitted, I wear a knee length pleated skirt with it. Keep the colours fun. Colour is a major part of the transition into spring, we start to leave the heavy, winter colours behind. My skirt is a purple/lilac/white/black print, denim jacket is dark blue, tee shirt black or off-white.

Cream wool trousers, shirt, coat. Cream wool trousers are brilliant at this time of year. Warm but light in colour. I don’t wear flat shoes much but this combination would look great with low heel height shoes. keep the shirt light (think chiffon above).

Maxi skirt, top, jacket. Maxi skirt in a print fabric or even a light wool fabric. The key is that you could wear the skirt with boots, but also wear it with lighter shoes, or even a sandal as we get closer to the summer months and depending on how warm the day is. My combination is denim jacket, white top, patterned maxi skirt in wool. I have also worn this combination as: black print chiffon skirt, off white twinset, denim jacket over the top and worn it with both sandals and chunky lace-up brogues.

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