Spring – Items you can safely leave behind

Talking about the weather, again.

Here in the UK our weather is so variable that we almost never leave our non-seasonal clothes behind entirely.  At any moment the temperature may veer 15 degrees north or south.  Even though the sun is shining and it’s beautifully warm now there will come a day in June when it’s only 10 degrees, and quite honestly we could be wearing a polo neck jumper, jeans, boots and idly consider switching on the heating.

Overcoming the weather…

That said there are some basic rules of thumb that you can implement in your wardrobe which will help with your organisation, so that you can see the clothes you can and should be wearing right now, and always have something to wear.

Goodbyee, don’t cryee

You can definitely pack away your heaviest winter colours and fabrics, if you haven’t already.  Keep out lightweight woollens.  If you can bear to wean yourself off black give yourself a break and pack away any black jumpers, tops, long sleeve tee shirts (weekend wear).  You’ve probably stopped wearing any coats in heavy duty fabrics.  Similarly dresses, skirts and jackets that are in a heavy fabric can be cleaned and stored away.  Also anything that you’ve worn all the time and quite honestly needs a break can be stored away.

Trans-seasonal items, that is items that span two seasons can be kept in your cupboard: lighter weight wools, especially sleeveless or short sleeved dresses; lighter weight coats, denim jackets, capes in lightweight wool, ponchos, wraps, leather and suede items will often span seasons, mid-weight trousers.

Heavy shoes and boots can also be cleaned and stored away, although it pains me to say so as I have loved wearing my new boots this winter.

I’ve said this before and I am the worst at this: Bin those dark tights which really aren’t up to it. If they are bobbled, have holes in them, are too long or too short in the leg then bin them.  Restock now so you have new to wear when the season changes and then buy more in the autumn when the new lines are available in the shops.

On with the show

Items that say spring should now be a prominent part of your wardrobe: a spring coat, an umbrella in a fun colour.  Other accessories can also now feature quite prominently: a silk scarf in a light/bright pattern, sunglasses, a change in handbag, and maybe also a change in the jewellery you are wearing.  These should be worn with your spring wardrobe which should be in full swing now.

Also make a plan for general grooming, if you don’t already have one: a haircut; eyebrow shaping and dyeing; a facial; leg hair removal; underarm hair removal.  Keep moisturising all over, have manicure and  pedicure if you don’t do it yourself.

So easy, what’s not to like?  How did you find this?  Does it tally with how you organise your wardrobe?  Do let me know what you found helpful and what your top tip is for transitioning into Spring.

Have a great day.

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