Spring Wardrobe – The Coat

Plan your Wardrobe

How do you plan your spring wardrobe so that it doesn’t matter what the weather is doing, you will always have something to wear?  The days to come are going to be changeable.  Some days will be unseasonably warm, others will feel like a return to winter.  How do you plan your wardrobe so that you always have something to wear that feels right?

The Spring Coat is the answer

If you take the train to work and spend most of your day in an office the weather may be less of a factor than if you do a school run, travel to work, are out and about for work/visiting customers or suppliers for example or attending meetings with exterior business partners.

However, we are all subject to the vagaries of the weather and along with that range of temperatures the Spring coat is a great addition to your wardrobe.

Being appropriately dressed, that is, wearing clothes which make you feel comfortable and at ease because you are neither too warm nor too cold, is the most relaxing way to conduct one’s day.  Flying by the seat of one’s pants (not an attractive picture) wearing clothes inappropriate to the season’s weather, is not relaxing and will not make you feel comfortable.  Having a coat on hand will see you through those chilly days, and accommodate you in the warm ones.  I noticed yesterday for example that the day started, Bham! with the sunshine, but by lunchtime was much cooler, by school run time I was in my coat, but some parents were in shirt sleeves, and by early evening I had got the heating on (admittedly this is partly because I haven’t changed the programme setting on the boiler yet).

Simplifying your Routine

A Spring coat simplifies your getting dressed routine which can now be as simple as this:

dress, coat. done.

tick that box. out the door!

A coat is smart because it is one item, neck to wherever the hem is, generally around the knee, an uninterrupted length of fabric.  To the eye it looks simple and chic, uncluttered.  It makes more of a chich style statement than, say, a jacket and layering because of the simplicity of it.  That simplicity says confidence.

There is still time.  If you don’t have a lightweight Spring coat and buy one now, you’ll wear it for a good month, will flirt with it in June as temperatures fall and rise, breaking our hearts on cold, rainy days, and bringing us to joy on those days when the sun is shining and it is warm.  It will be ready for you in March for Spring next year.

As far as fabrics are concerned a lightweight wool, or wool mix would be great.  For colours, choose navy, red or camel to be classic.  Alternatively Spring colours, pinks, greens, pale blues would be great.  A check or a fabric with more than one colour in the weave would also be fab.  If you are nervous about investing in a Spring coat then start safe with something you feel comfortable with, but make sure it is something that you love and want to wear.

Enjoy Spring because it’s not Summer

There is more Spring in our year than we imagine.  High Street manufacturers would like us to believe that we step straight out of Christmas into Summer, but this is not the case and never has been.  We have a beautiful season called Spring, and Spring needs a coat.

Enjoy the season!

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