What to buy next – Early Autumn

Gentle Transition to Cooler Days

Now is not winter.  Now is the beginning of September.  It is nearly August, that was summer.  We are very close to where summer was, it’s just that we’re in Autumn now.  In truth the days have been shortening, nights drawing in, days getting lighter later for a while now. But some beautiful warm days, and some sunshine, still lie ahead of us, there is plenty to enjoy.

Delay the Black

So, ladies it’s too early for black opaque tights, ok?  But, I hear you cry, they’re so easy to wear, I can get dressed without thinking about it, plus in my air conditioned, centrally heated, don’t open a window office, you could wear black tights all year round as those sterile spaces have reduced all notion of seasonality.

Top Tips for a Seamless Transition to Autumn

However, moving/transitioning with the seasons is one of the joys of life.  It keeps your wardrobe varied, it’s stimulating for your brain and your body because you aren’t always wearing the same outfits and because you are responding to your environment.  So, here are a few tips about transitioning into Autumn that I hope will help you and also encourage and stimulate you into enjoying choosing what you wear, as well as finding great enjoyment in wearing what you have chosen.

If you’re in the UK, or another northern hemisphere country away fro the equator, there will be a small transition in the weather, but the biggest transition is a mental one. Aside from January 1st, no other date in the calendar means new beginnings more than September.  It marks the start of a new academic year as well as the shift out of sandals, flip flops and a laid back summer attitude into a hectic work, family and social schedule which, if unchecked, reaches its frenzied climax (and female burnout) around Christmas.  Clothing wise, it’s understandable that we want a change in our wardrobes, too, to mark the start of that change.  But it doesn’t have to be drab and dreary.

Here’s What You Could be Wearing….

A red wool crepe, sleeveless or sleeved dress and jacket would look great right now.  Team with nude tights and choose your shoe colour.

Any light autumnal coloured wool skirt or dress will look great: pale fawn soft greens (sage, fern), apple colours: reds; golds equally look great and are worth searching out.

The weather is cooler, and you may need a more formal look to return to work.  So, buy a dress with a jacket or a dress with a lightweight coat for a very pulled together, chic, look.  Personally, I always favour a cardigan, but having recently worn a pale cream, silk shantung jacket with dress to a wedding, and loved it. I’ll be introducing more of them into my own wardrobe even though I don’t work in a traditionally formal environment.  Wool fabrics with patterns, such as checks, or stripes also look great and very smart.

Grooming, too, is important.  A start of season haircut works wonders for mental preparation prior to a busy season (I’m considering having mine cut on holiday, is that a mistake?).  Pedicure, manicure, and a new season nail polish (do that this weekend), eyebrow grooming and dyeing can be done at home equally as in a salon.  I have recently switched to an eyebrow pencil with an underbrow highlighter which I LOVE and feel massively groomed plus it really defines my whole face – not sure how – and is helping me greatly to look made up without too much makeup.

So, to recap, What to Buy Next: a dress and jacket, or skirt/jacket, trousers/jacket, in a non-black colour; a  couple of pairs of nude tights; one pair of shoes; an eyebrow pencil, a haircut, new nail varnish (or salon trip) and you are ready for the new season.

Now…how is your handbag looking?


6 thoughts on “What to buy next – Early Autumn”

  1. I absolutely love fall. I lived in a place that didn’t have seasons for most of my life until we moved north 4 years ago. Autumn is magical. I love fashion tips for fall too. I will try one if you combos. Thank you for sharing!

    • Yes definitely Robin. It’s so easy to get caught up in the black mentality. But autumn is a great season and there is so much option as to what to wear. How are you getting on? Changed any habits/outlooks? Worn something different? Let me know 🙂


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