What jewellery did you wear this summer?

What jewellery did you wear this summer and say, when you were on holiday  The reason I ask is that if you can track what you have worn it might be a good indication of what you will wear in the future.  And so, next time you go away instead of looking at your jewellery and thinking where do I start, you will have a ready-made list which at least if not comprehensive, is a great starting point.

So, I’ll go first.  Items that I have loved wearing this summer:

large shell ring

beige leather wrap bracelet

Blue leather wrap bracelet

White bamboo hoop earrings (height of summer only)

Yellow fan shape ear-rings

Large black glass ring

Silver bangle with turquoise inlay

charm bracelet – but not at work, too clunky

Occasionally – bright pink necklace made from I think nut shells – bought by a friend from Peru.

I have layered bracelets ore –  a charm bracelet with a sparkly elasticated one, a leather wrap with the charm bracelet for example.

So, next year going on holiday I will have this list:

2 large rings

2 pairs large dangly or hoop earrings in addition to diamond studs which are my default

2 leather/suede wrap bracelets

2 classic bracelets – silver bangle/charm bracelet/other

1 funky necklace

If on holiday and shopping, might look out for new funky necklace

toe rings/nose rings – small selection of

Now you: What have you worn all summer?  It’s not a test, it’s tracking the choices you’ve made and what you’ve worn.  And then it’s building on that.  Download my check list here to make it even easier.  Print it off and keep it somewhere where you’ll find it at the start of next summer.  It saves brain ache, and keeps you organised too.  Win, win!

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