Bra Straps

Is it just me, or are visible bra straps rather, eugh?  There are many pretty tops being worn which look less than their best when viewed from behind, where 2 thick straps rise vertically along the shoulder blade, neither enhancing nor coordinating with the outfit being worn.

Don’t do it ladies.


  1. Make sure your underwear is appropriate – a strapless bra is your key lingerie item for strappy tops, or
  2. go without – if you can and it’s appropriate.  I’m not being prudy, but it can be quite off-putting trying to have a normal conversation with someone who is letting it all hang out, so to speak.  Fine round a swimming pool, but awkward in Tesco.

I don’t mean to sound draconian, I just think it takes a bit of organisation.  My objection is mainly on grounds of style and appearance rather than modesty.

Or maybe it’s just a pet peeve.  Am I being unfair?  What do you think?

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