Summer Trouser Suit

Button and flap detail on linen trouser pocket

If you are happy in trousers

Then a mismatched trouser suit could be your new best friend this summer

Writing a post on Parisian women’s style

Reminded me that Parisians really rock the trouser suit

In the summer they wear it mismatched, same shade but different pieces

Jacket and trousers, or shirt, worn as jacket, and trousers

For day wear it with white trainers and white tee shirt

For evening wear with low heels, a silk camisole top and a great necklace

Wear the trousers wide and flowy or slim fit

whichever suits you best and is the most comfortable for you.

Start your day with a dependable basic

and the trouser suit is that dependable basic

Also, it could be a dress suit, but I’ll address that elsewhere

Parisian women wear this trouser suit like a uniform

They don’t deviate from it

They will wear the suit in cream/beige/biscuit in the summer

and wear a tee shirt or shirt for day underneath the jacket

The idea is not to be too individual about it

The idea is to get dressed as the serious, responsible person you are

and get on with your day.

There is no need for your brain to start wondering about what you wear or change things up

because you have already decided

It’s trousers, jacket, top, trainers or shoes

For anyone who becomes quite anxious at the thought of what to wear

or hasn’t got a clue what you should be wearing

try the mis-matched trouser suit

Mis-matched is good

It stops you looking too formal

Have one in your wardrobe

and wear it as a staple once or twice a week

You might soon wonder how you managed without it

Button and flap detail on linen trouser pocket

If you would like to read more about Parisian women’s style, read the full article, The Parisian Woman’s Guide to Style here.

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