Chunky Gold Cuff

Gold arm cuffWearing an arm cuff is a strategic decision

Not to wear other jewellery

Because the cuff is enough

You don’t need to wear chains, or bangles or anything else with it

It’s a really beautiful style statement on its own

Women look beautiful in jewellery

and strong and feminine

Jewellery has great cultural significance

I still have a beaded bracelet and necklace

that my parents bought

when we visited the Masai in 1976

I was so intrigued as to how they got the beads and made all that beautiful jewellery

from what?

There wasn’t a shop in sight

When I think of arm cuffs

Thai women, south-east asian women come to mind

simply, beautifully dressed in hand printed fabric

with few pieces of jewellery

but often an arm cuff

Wear it a couple of inches above your wrist

If you have beautiful arms you can be brave and wear one above your elbow

Try and find one that has an organic shape

and maybe a very simple, organic ring.

That’s all you need

Keep your clothing simple too

one dress, one cuff, one ring

is enough

Keep you rhair simple, your make up minimal and apply lipgloss

and there you are

Minimal style

Maximum impact

If you always wondered how to get that sleek, pared-back style

that other women seem to master

This is how you do it

Have a go

It’s great fun

If you’re not feeling confident and need a confidence-fix

This is the way to do it

Because this style says confident

Making a choice is confident-making

When you choose to wear one dress, one cuff, one ring

You’re making a choice

You’re saying no to other

Elegance is refusal

Gold arm cuff


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