All White

Woman sitting on a rug wearing an all-white outfit including a white panama hat

Hot summer days are one time when you can wear an all-white outfit

It’s the ultimate in warm weather dressing

as it really relies on sunshine

the warmth and the light

Keep the look simple, sleek and shaped

An all white shift dress is cool and crisp

White linen trousers and a white tee shirt

White shorts and a white silk shirt

Accessorise with one or two bold pieces

a chunky necklace or drop earrings or chunky bracelets

Hoop earrings, sunglasses, raffia bag

(does anyone say raffia anymore?)

or keep it light with hardly any jewellery

stud earrings one small ring

Pair white with bronze/beige/gold/natural colours

for maximum effect

There is a certain freedom in a white summer dress

Keep the style really simple

straps and a square neckline

or a v-neckline and short sleeves

Short looks young and fun and like you’re on holiday

Maxi looks relaxing and like you don’t have a care in the world

Which is what dressing is all about

Creating your own environment

White creates a calm fun simple holiday vibe

Your all-white outfit can be worn all day into the evening

Change your accessories for the evening

Parisian women have an all-white outfit to hand in the summer months

often a trouser and linen shirt look

which is a relaxed and grown up look

If you’ve ever looked at women in the summer looking so together and amazing

while you feel hot and sticky and wonder how they do it

This is one way, an all white outfit, in natural fabrics

with carefully chosen accessories and simple shoes

Give it a try, while the sunshine lasts

Woman sitting on a rug wearing an all-white outfit including a white panama hat


If you would like to read more about Parisian women’s style, read the full article, The Parisian Woman’s Guide to Style here.

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