Summer Dress

Summer dress

The summer dress is such a staple

Stories of its demise are always doing the rounds

that we will abandon the summer dress in favour of

linen trousers

a skirt


But you can’t beat a dress

Its great secret is that it’s one garment

Just one

Wearing one garment is the ultimate in simple dressing

You can’t reduce the number of garments to wear

without wearing nothing

This simplicity

is the key to ultimate style

One dress

no fuss

very simple

You can actually wear a dress in a luxury fabric

with flip flops

So go expensive

but relaxed

Wear an expensive fabric

in a very simple style

Don’t wear your summer dress too tight

it will look wrong

Well fitted is fine but not grippy

So one dress

with simple shoes

and your hair brushed

and a simple piece of jewellery

You’ll look amazing

And stay cool too

Don’t underestimate simplicity

Summer dress

Sarah Banks is a designer, blogger and internet entrepreneur. Having started her entrepreneurial life with a couture wedding and day dress company she then got hooked on all things on-line, bringing her businesses online and fusing both worlds. Her experience and knowledge in creating one-off garments for her clients was the foundation for Working Frocks and she is uniquely placed to give styling advice, being not only a blogger, but a couture designer too.

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