Picture of a rose with the title, "Strong"

Your personal style is unique to you.

Getting dressed each day and look great

is not about fitting in and looking like everybody else

It’s about being uniquely you

It’s about learning to live up to yourself and who you really are

So who are you?

What you wear reflects who you are

We have choices we don’t even realise we have

That old tee shirt and stained jeans you wear

instead of a new tee shirt and clean jeans

speak loud and clear

whether you want to hear or not

Rise up in the strength of who you are

Confidence comes from within

If you choose to wear clothes which don’t reflect who you are

which you don’t enjoy wearing, which don’t fit, which are tatty and worn

how will you ever believe you are that person within

who once had dreams, and plans

Our life is a journey to find ourself

which requires courage, bravery and strength

We develop strength during our lifetime

or we choose to retreat and not be strong

In every situation you have a chance to become strong, or not

When you accept the challenge you take one more step to knowing yourself

to becoming yourself

When you start to become yourself you will want to express it outwardly

in what you wear

Superheroines transform

and have an outfit to reflect their super human nature

If you’re not feeling strong

if life has thrown you a curved ball or circumstances seem to have conspired against you

get dressed for battle

For the battle of you (cape optional)

You’re not designed to live a life of insecurity, anxiety and lack

You’re designed to be strong to be courageous and brave

Whatever your situation today, don’t be discouraged

Think about who you are

who you want to be

Get dressed from that place

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime

And are you dressed for it?

lilac rose background with a text box superimposed. The article is about inner strength and is titled, "Strong"


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