Background image of three white shop mannequins with red lipstick. Text overlay is the title of the blog post, "Glamourous"

Are you glamourous

would you like to be

Do you think it’s for other women

but not you

Do you think glamourous is all big hair and red lipstick

Think again

We are talking new glamour

And we can all take part and enjoy it

New glamour is about glossy and sleek

It’s not about taller, higher, bigger

It’s about reflecting who you are

Not about masking who you are

It’s easy to do modern glamour

The new glamour is quiet and confident

and doesn’t need to shout ‘look at me’ from the rooftops

Try it today

New glamour has clean skin that looks healthy and polished

For that you need a moisturiser, a little powder and blusher or bronzer

New glamour has clean, shiny hair that moves and is not stuck helmet-like in place

Wash, condition, blow dry your hair, use a hairspray that allows movement

New glamour uses make up sparingly

eye liner, mascara, lipstick, a little eyeshadow

New glamour is not about too much

It’s about having the confidence to be you and let that shine through

If you had a room and stacked it with furniture and rugs and lights and flowers and pictures on the wall

it would be overwhelming

And if you had the same room and chose exactly what you wanted in the room

picked every piece and arranged it so that when a person walked into the room

their heart lifted and their soul sang

That is what you want

Many women think that glamourous isn’t for them

But I think women are innately glamourous

We can interpret it as we want

You don’t need to look like a 1950s film star to do glamourous well

The new glamour is about individuality

It’s about inner strength

and being the woman you are created to be

White mannequins in a shop window, 3 of them wearing red lipstick


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