Clean Make up Brushes

Make up brushes with white bristles and bronze colour metal tips

WF sign up to list formI’m not very good at cleaning my make up brushes

but I always feel quite satisfied and organised when I do so

It’s amazing how much product comes out of the brush

We are told it’s hygienic to clean our brushes

which I understand

Give your brushes a little tlc and a wash

I think a light detergent is best

and air dry them with the bristles as straight as possible

Advice is to wash your most used brushes once a week

You can get instant dry shampoo for your brushes #lifestooshort

While you’re at it

have a sort out of your make up bag

Anything non-seasonal put away

For example lipsticks you only wear in winter

heavy foundations

Keep a small bag of your items that you use every day

and a larger one of interchangeable items

I find that works really well in the morning

when I don’t want to sort through a larger bag


WF sign up to list formmake up brushes with white bristles and bronze/wood handles

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