Starting the new year

Happy new year!


What will you do? The year stretches out in front of you. 365 days for you to do exactly what you want.

So what is it that you want to do?

I have been thinking very much these past few weeks. About changing my style. And about why I would want to change it now. What is the catalyst that is driving this restlesness that I feel and disatisfaction with what I wear and how I look.


It’s the change. My life is changing. My business is growing and I want to show up in a better kind of way. My personal life is changing and there might be a wedding on the horizon. And it is creating a dissatisfaction with the status quo. With how things have been. Clothes that I once wore seem wrong. Dated. Out of place. Dull.

How are you feeling about the new year?  Do you want a fresh start? Is something niggling you, irritating you and you don’t know quite what?

Clothes are not just clothes.  We use them to express how we feel as much as to cover up our bodies and be comfortable.

So if you feel uncomfortable in your clothes. Or out of sorts. And something doesn’t feel quite right, the chances are that something is happening in your life. So don’t ignore that sense of disatisfaction.

The important question is what are you going to do about it?  What do you want to do about it?

I can help with that. I can help you organise your thoughts and your clothes.  The two added together will make quite an impact on your life.

So keep a journal.  Say, for a week. Write down your thoughts. How you are feeling. What you want to achieve this year. What’s on your mind. I’m going to be explaining what you can do with these thoughts and writings over the month of January. So take this week to explore your own mind.

And then we will get to work. And set your course for 2022.

Happy new year!

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