Spring Coat

How can I dress well for Spring as the seasons change?

The challenge is what to wear as the thermometer swings wildly from cold to warm and back again, while at the same time we are longing to wear something different having worn the same clothes for many months  now.

Here is one way.

A Spring Coat

A lightweight wool coat will take you effortlessly into Spring, and probably into early summer too.  It will cover whatever you are wearing, unlike a jacket which would have to be coordinated with it, and can help you to look chic and pulled together with minimum effort, for maximum impact.

A dark navy, a pastel colour, cream, pale grey are all colours which are really great for Spring, being not too summery not too wintery.  Try and avoid black, dark green, deep red, purple.

What goes with the coat?

Ah, we are in nude tight territory, although you could probably just about get away with barely black sheer tights.  Although I love them dearly, black opaque tights are probably not going to cut the mustard in the spring stakes, but they may be exactly what you need on a cold day, so don’t discount them just yet.

Nude tights, then shoes (not sandals yet) in a beige/pale brown or even a colour: blue, pink, for warm proper spring-like days.   Black patent (I’ve seen a black patent peep-toe wedge which was beautiful) looks great, matt black leather can look fine too.  I think navy is acceptable although it reminds me of nurses uniforms.  Those last can be worn with dark or darkish tights.

After today’s hail I’m beginning to think a hood is a good idea.

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