3 great items to have in your wardrobe as we approach Spring….

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So we all know the weather is going to change and get warmer, but before summer is spring.  The high street shops would have us think that there are two seasons, winter and summer, but in the UK we live through nuanced seasons where we do need something to wear between bikini and Barbour.  As we approach Spring there will be days where we are glad to still be in dark tights and polo neck jumpers and there are other days which are going to be warm and where we will want to reflect that warmth and where something lighter.

It can be tricky, but here are three indispensable items which will see you through the next few weeks.

A Spring Coat

Having gone through the whole winter in that black coat of yours, ring the changes and invest in a Spring coat.  You are still going to need to cover up, it will probably rain at some point, plus you need to be smart too.  Go knee length so it looks neat and chic, and choose a colour that will still go with winter but start to look ahead to lighter brighter days: navy, pale grey, green, beige, even red if red goes with your summer wardrobe colours.  You can start to wear this immediately.  Coordinate your bag, scarf and gloves accordingly and you are already on your way into Spring

A Spring dress

Something in lighter fabrics: light weight wool, (what happened to challis as a fabric, it was so light and lovely, is it relegated to scarves only these days?  must investigate), long sleeved chiffon that you can still wear with a cardigan or jacket, pale wool crepe.  You are aiming for something to pull out on those days when it will be warm, so dense wool dresses seem too heavy, but not hot.  It’s a ring the changes dress.  Of course you can have more than one of these, but even just one early spring dress is a great investment.

Nude tights

Always a tricky moment for me, the nude tight moment.  I am wedded to black opaques, and nude seems so…. nude.  However, when those warm mornings strike and it really does feel too warm for black/brown/grey 80 deniers, a pristine pair of nude tights with the above dress and coat really will stand you in good stead.

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