Don’t tell me what to do

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Hello everyone on this gorgeous sunny Monday morning. I hope you had an amazing weekend and are suitably ready for this week being buoyed up by prayer/caffeine/determination/bribery/all of the above.

I have been skimming through one of my favourite magazine looking for little seeds that will spark an idea that will give birth to something worth writing and then being read.  But I just ended up feeling irritated.  I felt talked at.   Then I realised that it’s not the magazine’s fault and you can’t blame people for giving their opinion when asked, and I read the rest of the article and thought it was ok.

And then I left the magazine alone and stopped trying to find something out there, when in here is where the thought is.  Doesn’t matter what the thought is, and I had thought it wasn’t good enough which is why I reached for the magazine.  And this is the thought: That I’m back yoyo-ing around with the weather, uncertain what to wear, loving the sunshine but acknowledging that when I was on the school run the car thermometer read 0.5 degrees.

Anyway, practicing what I preach, I am going to wear what I planned yesterday: grey roll neck, beige/red/black checked shift dress with black over the knee flat boots, chunky necklace and ring.  And immediately I know I’m going to do what I said I was going to do, I relax.  Order and routine help us to relax, so with that in mind here is a list of 3 ways to make your week proceed orderly and routinely.

Do what you said you would do

If you have spoken to a anyone and agreed to do something, make sure you do it.   Don’t back out, don’t make another plan unless unavoidable (I’m talking A&E, major natural disaster, legal action, even then you could probably still do it).  If you said that you are going to wear certain outfits this week, don’t change, just do it.

Do what you thought you would do

Sometimes I have a good idea, and I don’t do it, and months later I wished I had when I think the thought all over again.  If you thought it, decide whether it’s feasible, and if it is, do it, or give yourself a time frame within which to do it and start taking action towards it. Mine is a complete wardrobe overhaul with the inside of the wardrobe being painted either Schiaparelli pink or Ladurée pistachio, watch this space.  Over the weekend did you decide to sort your wardrobe out, take unwanted items to second hand shops, lose weight, or exercise more regularly?  Well, do it.  Those thoughts aren’t random thoughts in the ether, they’re you communicating with yourself.  Don’t ignore you.

Do what you wrote you would do

That to do list.  Do it, now!  Mind is getting out of hand, I’ve got things all over the place that I haven’t done in the last three weeks.  On the other hand I’ve got things that I have done that I am really proud of.  So this week I am having a power week.  I’m full on until Friday evening, when I’m going to pat myself on the back and see how much I’ve achieved.  I find that I concentrate on what I haven’t done, rather than congratulating myself on what I have done, and that a bit more effort and organisation from me will make all the difference.  The biggest difference of all will be doing what I wrote that I would do, which, I have found, gives me the greatest confidence to set other goals.  On my list this week is more designs which need moving into patterns, changes to the website pages and an on-line computer design course that I have fallen behind on.  Did you write down: take shoes to cobbler, pick up dry cleaning, shop for dress for wedding?  Well, do it.

So, what’s biggest for you of those three?  Which needs doing the most?  What you said, thought or wrote?  Or all three like me!? What have you done, that, when done, has given you great peace of mind?

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