Snakeskin background

Leopard-skin print fabric is beautiful in the winter months

but is perhaps too heavy for the summer months

Snakeskin fabric is perfect for summer

Writing a blog post about Parisian women’s style

in the summer months and what styling tips we can take from them

Summer animal print is one

Parisian women use animal print as a base fabric

and then build their outfit from there

The key is to keep everything really simple

and the colour palette toned down and neutral

You can wear snakeskin print in many ways

As cropped trousers with a plain white tee shirt

As a wrap dress if you’re feeling daring

As a short lightweight coat with trousers and a short sleeve tee shirt

The world is waking up to admiring the natural world

but not needing to kill it and wear it in order to admire it

A beautiful animal print is a great way to acknowledge the beauty of our natural environment

Your style may be quite classic and traditional

but an animal print item will fit really well into your wardrobe

It’s classic style with a twist

A snakeskin print skirt with a silk shirt

or a snakeskin print shirt tied at the waist with jeans

If you don’t already have an animal print in your wardrobe for summer

start with a top and pair it with knee length shorts, cropped trousers or a skirt

For a really summery look the shorts or trousers or skirt should be beige/cream/white

But snakeskin can look really great with denim and black trousers too

Keep the colour palette to a minimum

So if you’re wearing black trousers, go with black sandals or shoes

It may seem quite daring

but once you’ve tried it out

An animal print could become a staple in your summer wardrobe

Snakeskin background


If you would like to read more about Parisian women’s style, read the full article, The Parisian Woman’s Guide to Style here.

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