Positive Body Image

Woman face on to the camera, head shot, smiling face, red lipstick, freckles

We know because we are told

that positive body image is important

But what does that mean to you

Do you really know this

Do you understand it in your heart

Positive body image

is self acceptance and self love

Not weak love


But strong love


Why is it so easy to beat ourselves up emotionally

And so hard to be self accepting

Maybe neither is easier than the other

but we programme ourselves for one

and forget that the other is totally available to us

So maybe self compassion self love self acceptance

are completely available to you right now

How does that feel

As you are right now you are totally fine

more than fine

Gorgeous Beautiful Strong Compassionate Kind Brave

It doesn’t matter what is going on in your life

how people are reacting around you

They can respond to life in their own way

But you can respond now with compassion and with love

We are emotional creatures

which is a beautiful thing

We have a wide range of emotions available to us at any one time

So choose the emotions you want today

There are plenty of  tools that we can use on a daily basis to reset our emotions

get on an even keel be calm navigate our emotional landscape

and not let the day be ruined by a small negative emotion that blows up

and we spend the rest of the day mopping up

and have to start again tomorrow

If you’re not feeling how you want to feel

develop a few shortcut techniques

to get you quickly back to positive body image

Don’t waste your life being at the mercy of emotions

which are supposed to serve you.

Get dressed in clothes that you love

Not in jeans that are too small tops that don’t suit you shoes that you don’t like

That’s beating yourself up and proving to yourself that in some way you’re not worthy

to look good and beautiful and strong and gorgeous

And like you

You deserve to look like you

Because you are you!

Woman face on to the camera, head shot, smiling face, red lipstick, freckles

If you’d like to read the full post on positive body image and read more on how to develop easy ways to develop positive body image it’s available here.


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