Self esteem

Self esteem

You don’t ‘do’ anything to develop self esteem

on the other hand everything you ‘do’ gives you self esteem

or not

When you value




you grow your self esteem

When you think negatively about yourself

hate yourself

criticise yourself

there is no room for a healthy self esteem

A healthy self esteem comes from a practice of

generous love

toward yourself

Start today

Be kind to yourself

think some positive thoughts about yourself

List 3 things you did well this week

go on

you can find 3

Put on some clothes that make you feel great

Take some exercise

Tidy up your make up or your wardrobe or your belt drawer

or your knicker drawer for that matter

Practice the art of being you

This is what life is about isn’t it

learning to be you

Learn a bit more today

Learn how to love yourself

accept yourself

acknowledge yourself in this world

Clothe yourself in garments that make you feel loved

You are loved

We love you

The secret is to learn to love yourself



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