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Self esteem

Self esteem You don’t ‘do’ anything to develop self esteem on the other hand everything you ‘do’ gives you self esteem or not When you value appreciate love yourself you grow your self esteem When you think negatively about yourself hate yourself criticise yourself there is no room for a healthy self esteem A healthy … Read more

Home Page March 2022

Welcome! If you would like to dress better than you do but don’t know how, or need to pull yourself out of a style rut, or want to wear clothes that you love and feel great in, then we are here to help, and you have come to the right place. Download your free Look … Read more

VISIBLE magazine

VISIBLE magazine Do you remember what you wanted to do and what you loved doing as a child? I do. I remember seeing Karl Lagerfeld on TV a long time ago and wanting to be a designer. I loved ballet and wanted to teach it. And I have always loved magazines. And real estate. But back … Read more

Getting it all done

Getting it all done – No time to carve out for yourself and even if you did carve out time for yourself you wouldn’t know what to do.  Recognise that scenario? Getting it all done.  Words to stricke both optimsm and terror into the heart of every busy woman. What is getting it all done? … Read more

Wardrobe Journaling

Wardrobe Journaling Connecting Hand, Mind and Wardrobe Download our Wardrobe Journaling worksheet here Join the Wardrobe Journaling course – join now What is wardrobe journaling? Wardrobe journalling is the act of writing your thoughts onto paper.  It gets your thoughts about yourself, about your self esteem, self confidence and self image out of your brain.  … Read more

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