strappy leather thong sandals with multicoloured pom poms. Toes painted red, looking down from above

I love sandals

They come in all shapes and sizes varieties and colours

You can instantly change your outfit

according to which sandals you are wearing

Sandals make me feel instantly well dressed and sexy

Put on a strappy pair of sandals

and your day will be transformed

I’ve got various pairs

and I think you need various pairs too

You will be able to pick up a good selection

in the summer sales

Indispensable to me are


Mine are wedge heeled gold sequinned fabric versions

and I wear them all the time

High heeled

I have various from high heeled satin stilletos to high heeled leather work sandals


I have a pair of on-trend leather sandals with clumpy wooden heels and platform

Fantastic love them

and they give my legs a workout because they are so heavy

Flip Flops

You just can’t have enough pairs

Just recycle them when they start to look too worn

Strappy sandals

I have a couple of pairs of sandals with tiny suede straps with beading on them

I can’t walk fast in them but I love them and wear them when I need to get from A to B slowly

They are great for holidays

Gladiator sandals

I wear these with my jeans in the summer

If you’ve got great legs you can wear them with a skirt

I’ll stick with the jeans option


What’s not to love about summer mules

Just make sure they are well made by which I mean your feet stay in them and you can walk

I don’t tend to wear flat sandals but they are a great option as

there are so many styles to choose from

You might need a pedicure and to get those toes painted

Get summer ready with a pedicure with a fun summer colour varnish and a pair of fun summer shoes

1 pair of sandals 1 pedicure 1 summery varnish colour

It’s an easy wardrobe style update

strappy leather thong sandals with multicoloured pom poms. Toes painted red, looking down from above


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