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Tie a knot

Woman in jeans with a white tee shirt knotted at the waist.  only torso viewed in image.

If you have a curvy shape

pear or hourglass

Tie a knot in your cardigan or tee shirt

Either button it and tie a knot in it

or leave it unbuttoned and tie it

With curvy shapes, you need to follow the contours of the silhouette

rather than going baggy

It will instantly give you your shape back

and make the outfit your own

It applies to tee shirts and shirts too

Knot it at the waist

Many cardigans and tops aren’t designed with curves in mind

and so you can look a bit mumsy and dowdy

if they are left to fall straight

against a body which is anything but straight

This will give you instant style uplift

Any woman can do this with any body shape

but it looks particularly good on curvy shapes

You could always wear a camisole underneath

then knot the cardi or tee shirt over the top

if you are worried about your tummy showing


Woman in jeans with a white tee shirt knotted at the waist.  only torso viewed in image.

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