blue denim very short frayed shorts

Does summer fill you with dread

All those clothes that require you to bare areas that you would rather not

In this modern 21st century life of ours

we shouldn’t have to feel obliged to wear clothes that make us feel uncomfortable

I sometimes feel like that about a swimming costume or bikini

Why should I wear so little if it makes me feel vulnerable

Isn’t it ok to want to remain dressed

Mentally you have to not mind revealing body flaws

and really we should be confident enough to not mind

although I don’t know why we live in a society where at the first sight of the sun

everyone strips off and reveals lots of their body and we think that’s ok

I actually think it’s a bit odd

to go supermarket shopping in the skimpiest top

leaving little to the imagination

Shorts go in the same category

If you like your legs then great pop those shorts on

but if you don’t like your legs or your knees or your thighs

don’t feel obliged and don’t feel self conscious that you are not baring all

The trick is to do something else really well that suits you that you feel great in

People are attracted to self confidence

Don’t wear shorts if they make you feel self conscious

Wear something else that you do feel great in

If you don’t like your knees or your thighs

actually what am I saying if you don’t like your knees and your thighs

We should accept all of ourselves and love ourselves and be self compassionate about ourselves

that’s the first step

But the next one is if you’d rather not show parts of you

don’t be pressured

Wear longer shorts, or culottes or something else entirely

Or looking at those shorts that you really want to wear

but feel you need to get in shape to wear them

Maybe it’s just exactly the motivation you need to work out more or pay attention to your diet

Clothes should work for you though

We shouldn’t have to conform to shorts

It’s not really the shorts though

it’s how they make us feel

Shorts are liberating and fun and light hearted

So if you don’t want to wear shorts

but want to feel liberated and light hearted and have fun

Wear something else that makes you feel like that

It’s as simple as that


blue denim very short frayed shorts


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