One question you need to ask yourself when editing your wardrobe

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This week the Working Frocks wardrobe was purged.  I have thrown away anything not worn in the last year.  OK, I couldn’t bring myself to eliminate everything that I hadn’t worn in a year, but nearly everything: leggings, jumpers, cardigans, skirts.


The Golden rule is this: If you haven’t worn it in a year then bin it.  If you haven’t had it mended in a year then either give yourself a one week deadline to get it darned/sewn/stitched/patched/invisibly mended and then bin if you haven’t, or ditch anyway.


The thought process is this: you can only wear so many items of clothing, you probably have too many items anyway, a good edit is a great idea, be ruthless and only keep what you love and wear.  Beautiful and/or practical to paraphrase Mr. William Morris


When I say bin, I mean donate to charity shop, put in clothes bank, give to friend, use to line rabbit hutch.  It doesn’t have to be a wasteful ‘bin’, someone else could benefit.


You will feel so much better too, your clothes won’t be so cramped, you will wear the clothes that you want rather than what you can find in a hurry.  Have a g  and let me know how you get on.

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