Sales Time

The Fun of Sales

Sales time can be great fun, and it can also be no fun at all.  On the one hand you might snap up a bargain, on the other you have to put up with hoards of people in a cramped environment.

How to cope with Sales time

With this in mind, Working Frocks has come up with some helpful hints, tips and advice to help you negotiate, or otherwise, the frantic, frenetic time that can be sales shopping.

Avoid peak times

If you can, avoid busy periods: lunchtime during the week; weekends when everyone and her dog are out sniffing out a bargain.  If you work all week and want to go bargain hunting, try early on Saturday or Sunday but give yourself a time limit to get out when it starts to get too busy.

Write a list

Sales shopping is not ideal for a long leisurely browse, although I have managed to do just that in the past. On the whole, unless you are at the store at 9am on a Monday morning and have all day to source one white tee-shirt, you are like the rest of us time poor.  Maximising your time spent on the ground, and being focused with a laser-like intensity in what you are going to buy, is going to reap maximum rewards in terms of time spent/sanity maintained.  Working Frocks’ recommendation is to write a list of no more than three items that you particularly want to pick up in the sales.

What should you buy?

Classics – coat, cashmere jumpers, white shirts, dresses (that Working Frocks number which fits you like a glove in another colour for example), shoes (both classic varieties: court shoes, brogues,boots as well as fun strappy sandals in Italian leather) and event dresses. On the whole Working Frocks is against buying outfits “for” an event which will be discussed in another conversation, however if you do manage to find something perfect for the next few weddings coming up or for over the next year if you need an evening dress.


Decide how much you want to pay and stick to it, no ifs, no buts.  A few years ago I needed a pair of shoes when I was a bridesmaid.  After weeks of searching I eventually found the perfect pair.  They were reduced from £238 to £99, bargain!  Except I didn’t buy them because I thought £99 was too much for shoes I might only wear once.  For 10 days I walked past the shop, looking in other windows to see if there was anything else on the high street, but keeping an eye out on the original pair.  On the 10th day I walked into the shop, and there was a red circular sticker on top of the £99 one which read, £69, and on top of that there was a little red sticker (oh joy!) which read £38.  I bought my shoes with £200 discount.  And I’ve worn them now about five times. There you go, stick to your budget.  Here are the shoes:


Sales are seasonal

….sales mark the end of a season so bear than in mind.  There is always another season looming on the horizon, that is the fun of living with the changing seasons, change is always on the horizon.  Bearing this fact in mind, only buy items which are going to carry over to next time this season comes round.  If you have any doubts save your money.

Remember you are doing the shops a favour, not the other way round.  They need to clear stock in order to get next season’s offerings into the shop.

Do let me know how you are getting on.  Post comments in the box below or comment on our facebook page, wwww.facebook.com/working froccks




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