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One question you need to ask yourself when editing your wardrobe

 Keep items that you do love…..   This week the Working Frocks wardrobe was purged.  I have thrown away anything not worn in the last year.  OK, I couldn’t bring myself to eliminate everything that I hadn’t worn in a year, but nearly everything: leggings, jumpers, cardigans, skirts.   The Golden rule is this: If … Read more

Looking After Your Wardrobe

Rename post: Looking after your clothes, look after you. Why looking after your clothes is looking after you. How to look after yourself emotionally by taking care of your clothes How to set a solid emotional foundation for your life Stop hiding your emotional baggage behind your clothes.               … Read more

Ready to Wear with a touch of bespoke…..

I was trying to decide what to wear to a girlfriend’s birthday dinner party and thought I’d wear something from the current collection.  Vittoria caught my eye….. I love the freshness of it.  I have a chiffon flower embellishment from a supplier which I really love, but I only have one so can’t really put … Read more

Everyday Glamour- Simplicity

The new exhibition at the V&A, Ballgowns, British Glamour since 1950, has got the Working Frocks’ brain whirring overtime. Glamour is not only yards and yards of tulle in a Belville Sassoon ballgown, but is also the simplicity of a pared-down design, executed to the highest standard.  Archive sketches from Belville Sassoon show a design eventually … Read more

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