No Comparison

In order to be uniquely you

you have to drop the comparison

Marie Forleo calls it comparison-schlager

You might not realise you are doing it because you do it so much it’s become second nature

Or you might just drop into comparison crushing when you feel really bad

and really want to beat yourself up about being so worthless

Either way it’s not going to do you any good

even if you think you’re right about it

Phrases like

Oh she always looks so good

She has a great house, I’ll never have a house like that


She has a great job and loads of help around the house unlike me

are useless to think

They don’t do you any good

There are lots of great phrases around the uselessness of comparing yourself with another

Why be a second-rate someone else when you can be a first-rate you

is probably my favourite

Instead of allowing your brain to make unfavourable comparisons with others

Use it to be self-affirming

To encourage yourself

One of your major tasks in this life is learning to be you

I recommend self encouragement as a way to do this.


Woman in white short body suit

In my post on Your Unique Style I write about not comparing yourself with others and discovering your unique style. If you’d like to read the full post on Finding your Unique Style  and read more on how to develop easy ways to develop positive body image it’s available here.

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