Unique Style

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Unique style

You can see it in another woman

but perhaps not in yourself

To you, you are a raggle taggle bunch of thoughts and emotions

and random clothes

Others don’t see you like that

all the inside bits

Understanding your unique style involves

taking a leap over the ditch of emotions and thoughts

and seeing ourselves from the other side

Understanding your unique style involves

observing yourself at a distance

from the other side of that ditch

What do you see

Observe yourself for a moment

What are you thinking

Get rid of the first few thoughts

the negative ones

These ones

Look at your hair it needs a cut


Are you really still wearing that

Observe yourself for a little bit longer

Watch yourself moving talking being

You might start to feel how you feel as the other you

Carefree Happy Enough Full

What are you thinking as you are watching the you on the other side of the ditch

Are you watching what you are wearing

Thinking what you are thinking

Observing how you exist

What comes up

I see myself in a dress

always a dress

I might have a shock one day when it’s trousers

Working Trousers… coming soon

A dress

I feel good in my skin

At one with my body


That there is the unique me

In a dress

At one with my body

Feeling good in my body

That feeling of feeling good in my body

motivates everything I do in my work

I’m motivated to help other women feel the best they can

In a short dress which is moving in the breeze

At one with myself

With the elements

Encouraging and empowering others

It can’t be taken away from me

What is yours?

Go back to you in the picture

What are you doing thinking feeling saying shouting creating

Start from the unique you

Every time

When we feel lonely

I think we are lonely from ourselves

We miss ourselves

are not in touch with ourselves

but assign that loneliness to others

Find your unique you

You are enough

Just as you are

A pair of gold sparkly high heeled mules


In my post on Your Unique Style I write about finding your unique style, about why we don’t find it, about stepping into it and becoming it.  If you’d like to read the full post on Finding your Unique Style and read more on how to develop easy ways to develop positive body image it is available here.



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