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woman in stripey, long sundress with straw circular bag on a long strap. Woman outdoors in a garden

This summer we are all in the garden in the house at home in the park

We work from home or work from work and are at home with family

This year the sundress could be exactly what you need

to cope with this change in our normal routine

The sundress takes you inside and out

It’s the dress to relax in at the weekend

Even if you are home all week

The sundress marks the point where you say that’s it, it’s the weekend

Super sized florals tend to be worn by most

but there are alternatives

Prints on a black background are more dramatic

Monochrome, tie-dyed, gingham

for those who want a less floral vibe

The sundress is inherently feminine and womanly

a break from our normal clothes choices

Design details you don’t normally find

Flounces, gathers, straps, layers

channel your inner child as an adult

The sundress is a great dress to play in

It’s the joy dress in your collection

There is lots of choice

So find one or two that you really love

Choose colours and patterns that you really want to wear

aswell as design details and shapes that you really love

On colder days you can layer your sundress with

shorts leggings cropped trousers cardigans scarves

I had a black patterned sundress

and paired it with black lined wide leg trousers

and large silver earrings

on a cold day

I had so many compliments

and I felt really warm

but summery at the same time

woman in stripey, long sundress with straw circular bag on a long strap. Woman outdoors in a garden

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