New You

Gift box wrapped in bright pink paper with a gold bow to signify "New You"

There is always a chance for a new start

A new you

At any moment in time

you can decide

on a new you

This is a great way to not be hard on yourself or self condemming

At every moment you can start again

which means

leave the old behind

and forget about it

A new start does not mean

drag the past along with you

Had a bad day

Start again

Didn’t exercise

Start again

Felt rubbish

Start again

There is no past to run to

It’s gone

Good bye sayonara auf wiedersehn au revoir so long

So what will you do

Dye your hair

Change your look

Have a different attitude

Clothes are a great way to help your new you

What are you going to stop wearing

What are you going to start wearing

Different jewellery

A change in style

Stop wearing cardigans

Start wearing slinky clothes

that wrap round your body

Remember who you are and who you want to be

We are not set in stone


defined by decisions we made years ago

You can change your decisions today

Decide what you want

and just do it

Should I shouldn’t I

Give it a go

If you don’t like it

a new you is coming up in the next second

and you can try something else

This is great

It takes away the misery of blaming yourself for something that wasn’t quite right 20 years ago

It doesn’t matter

because a new you opportunity is available now

And now

And now

Why didn’t I dress better

Why didn’t I act more professionally

Why didn’t I take advantage of opportunity

Why didn’t I just go for it

It doesn’t matter

Because now is a new you moment

And you can do something different

What will your new you look like?

Gift box wrapped in bright pink paper with a gold bow to signify "New You"



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