Body Shape

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Whatever your shape be proud

Make it your life long ambition to learn to love it

When you’re compassionate to your body

you learn to love yourself

We all have part of our body that we love

and other parts that we’re not so proud of

But if you can be compassionate to yourself

you can learn to love both parts equally

I find that quite hard

But all of you is all of you

You’re not just the good bits

or even not just the bits you don’t like

So either you beat yourself up about them and constantly tell yourself

you’re no good or not as good as other women

Or you don’t

The choice is yours

Don’t worry that you “can’t wear” a certain piece of clothing

I’d love to wear really straight trousers but I really don’t have the right shape


I’d love to wear high heels but I’m just too tall.

Either wear them anyway – I mean why not

Or just move on

Wear something that really looks amazing

3 steps to accepting your own body shape

Decide to accept yourself just as you are

Dress each day with care and compassion choosing clothes that you really want to wear

Stop speaking negatively about yourself to others and to yourself

Seriously ditch that negative self talk

We just have this life

You and your body are in it together so why not get on and learn to love each other

Sand timer image for a blog post on body shape


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