Mega Belt

wide white leather belt with a leather tie

The wide belt is making a comeback

This is great news for curvy shapes everywhere

It’s a chance to accentuate the very positive

Grab yourself one now

They can be worn with all types of garments

Over a silk shirt and trousers combination

With a dress

With a skirt and tee shirt combination

either a straight skirt or gathered

it can be really relaxed or formal

the belt will add the finishing touch.

A wide belt is great

because you can play with your silhouette

pull more fabric out above the belt

and make it blousy

or keep it straight and severe

Replace same fabric belts with a wide belt

for an instant outfit update

Wide belts can look great with coats

just don’t make it look too contrived, too studied

It needs to look effortless

Don’t try and over coordinate it

don’t over accessorise it

Let it speak for itself

Apple and rectangle shapes look better with the belt resting closer to the hips

rather than on the waist

wide white leather belt with a leather tie

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