It doesn’t apply to me

Are you stuck in dull, negative thoughts patterns?

Do you stop yourself from having what you want because of low level, sometimes unconscious chatter in your brain that tells you, “It doesn’t apply to me.”?

Do you look at someone else’s life and see areas where they are successful, the kind of success you yourself would like but think “Oh that kind of success, that kind of luck, it doesn’t apply to me.”?

Sometimes the thought is so automatic that you barely realise that you have thought it.

And then, when the thought becomes automatic, it becomes part of you and your outlook on life. It becomes the lens through which you see everything.

And so you stay where you are, mentally, emotionally, physically. On a ledge, halfway up the cliff of life, neither going up nor going down.

It begins to feel safe. Because when you think “It doesn’t apply to me” you can stop trying, stop daring, stop risking.  Really you can stop making the effort. When you think, “It doesn’t apply to me” you can stay where you are, hiding. It feels safe, but it isn’t.

The link between exercise and depression (just kidding)

You wear the workout gear all the time. You don’t wear your best clothes, or the clothes that make you feel great. You just don’t make the effort. You just wear the stretchy jersey all day. You might get loads done, tick everything off the list. But you’re doing it without any form of self-love at all.

The downsides to wanting to stay where you are, are huge. In fact we probably can’t ever “stay where we are”. We are always either progressing or regressing. Even if our pace is glacial, we are usually moving in one direction or the other.

You might be thinking that other women are better looking, have gorgeous clothes, careers, families and lives, that you would love. It’s ok to look around and see how other women are living their lives. But if you are quashing your natural curiosity with phrases like, “It doesn’t apply to me”, then you have a very frustrating life ahead of you. Not to mention self defeating.

But wait! What sort of life is that? And why would you want to do that?

How we end up living self defeating lives

Often we get caught up in our own brains.

We can’t separate out the negative chatter from the positive. We think we are our brain. We hear phrases like, “It doesn’t apply to me”, and we think they are fact. We take all the many thousands of thoughts we think each day and pick out the ones where we talk negatively to and about ourselves, and then believe them.

When you put on clothes in the morning that don’t do you justice, don’t help you look like the best version of yourself, you’re probably not intentionally doing that. But you probably are thinking other negative thoughts, ‘Oh no, another day’. ‘I bet my boss will ……………. as usual’. ‘I expect my husband will …………..’

It’s like being at war with yourself. In fact you are at war with yourself. And you lose every time.

How wardrobe journaling can help get rid of ‘It doesn’t apply to me’ thoughts

We have found journaling, especially wardrobe journaling, to be really effective in dealing with subconscious thought chatter. In our wardrobe journaling course there is a specific module on dealing with ‘It doesn’t apply to me’ kind of thoughts.

What all journaling will do is help you see inside your mind. Journaling gets your thoughts out on paper. Then you can examine them, choose them and decide which ones you are going to keep.

How wardrobe journaling specifically differs, and, we think, goes one step further is in considering our clothes. Why we make the choices we make around our clothes, what we think about what we wear. Then we journal about our answers and then examine what we have written. It’s very revelatory and a great way to get in touch with thoughts you might not have realised that not only do you think, but you also believe.

Encouragement beats ‘It doesn’t apply to me’ thoughts every time.

At Working Frocks we are all about encouragement. As women we often use all the great assets we have been given: beautiful bodies, great hair, long legs, small waist, gorgeous smile, intelligence, kindness, compassion, not to mention our multi-tasking gene, and we find one thing that we think we are ‘bad’ at or ‘don’t look good’ because of. And little by little we self-condemn. We don’t need anyone to do it for us, we just do it ourselves.

Get off the self condemning juggernaut and get on the love train

Well, wardrobe journaling will really help you see where you are self condemning and creating unhelpful stories about yourself. Wardrobe journaling will free you up to choose some new thoughts. Some exciting thoughts which will be so much more helpful for you.  And fun. Life is supposed to be fun. Not all the time, but you are allowed to have fun in your life. To enjoy being you. To love what you wear.

You are allowed to think you are great!

So, why wait, come on the Wardrobe Journaling course with us, remove the layers of the non-you and get back to the real you.

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