Go Max Sunnies

Large framed sunglasses, frames in gold and lenses in brown

Large frames sunglasses are having a moment

which is great as I wear them anyway

and you might too

so we are temporarily back in fashion

If you’re not currently wearing large sunnies

why not get a pair

I love them because they stop the light getting in

which is the point, right?

They change the proportions of your face too

and you can put on lipstick and look instantly chic

If you have a round face, choose a pair that have square or squarish frames

and if your face is squarer, or rectangular, choose frames that are softer and rounder

Women with heart shaped faces look good in cats eye frames

If your face is oval, you can pretty much wear whatever you want

Actually we can all wear whatever we want, you’re totally free in that regard

Just if you want to accentuate your personal features you can use the guide above

The important thing is not to leave your all-time favourite pair in a field somewhere

Or the Prada pair in Tesco

Or accidentally sit on the most expensive pair you have ever bought

I have done all those

and now only buy cheaper pairs

I can’t go through the anguish again

Go Max Sunnies

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Large gold framed sunglasses with tinted brown lenses

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