Floral Dress

Woman in a floral dress and straw hat, facing away

Somewhere along the line floral dresses have jumped from supporting role

to lead actress

So if you’re happily wearing your supporting role dress

it’s now lead actress material

so carry on

For those of you who thought floral dresses had been left in the 80s

think again

floral dresses are having a serious moment

they don’t say wallflower, blue stocking, straight laced

they say edgy, confident, sassy

If you want to make your floral frock look more edgy

pair it with chunky shoes,

layer it up: cardigan; jacket; waistcoat; wrap, get those layers on

mix it up with different colours, patterns or texturesWF sign up to list form


Woman in a floral dress with a straw hat with a black flower bow trim



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