3 half oranges on a blue background for the 'Healthy' styling tip

We focus on weight and how we look

And that’s ok

But you have to feel good inside

In order to feel really good about yourself

If you want to look and feel your best

You need to be healthy

This is a great thing

You need to be compassionate with yourself

There is a great phrase

‘I don’t diet, I just eat according to my goals’

Your goal is to be healthy

Healthy is healthy food, outdoor exercise, good sleep

In order to be healthy, be in touch with yourself

It seems easier to beat yourself up, be strict and put yourself on a diet

But you have to be compassionate with yourself.

Being healthy allows you to be in touch with yourself

This will do more for you than any means you take to beat yourself up.

If you want to look good in your clothes and feel really amazing

start being compassionate with yourself

It’s great to want to look good

But our brain is sneaky

It wants to beat you up for some form of past failure

But you don’t need beating up

You need to be kind

Gentleness is such a kind quality but so rare

You are perfectly perfect just as you are

If you want to look good in your clothes and be the ‘best you’

that’s totally great

But do it from a standpoint of gentleness and kindness

Stop beating yourself up

The secrets of looking good are free and universally available

Prepare a healthy meal, get outside for a walk/run

and get a good night’s sleep

Be healthy, kind and compassionate

It’s a message to yourself

that you think you’re ok

You’ve got your own back


3 half oranges arranged diagonally across a blue background with puddles of melting ice, Caption is for a blog post entitled Healthy


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