Dress like an A-lister, and why we are all A-listers now

Beautiful latin woman with red lipstick and eye make up, forming a kiss to the camera

How to dress like an A-lister

A beautiful collection of clothes

A beautiful collection of clothes, like we think an A-list actor or celebrity would wear, must be something that we all long for.  Judging by the number of articles written on creating a perfect capsule wardrobe or on clearing out the clutter, women feel that the clothes that they have in their wardrobe and what they wear could do with either some fine tuning or the services of a bulldozer.

What we wear is fundamental to our life-experience.  Our clothes and our emotions are closely intertwined, in a close dance with each other day in day out.  We know this because when we sigh, “and I don’t have a thing to wear,” it is often the final straw in feeling out of sorts with oneself.

How our thoughts trick us

It may be that you feel that a beautiful collection of clothes is only available to the A-lister group which includes celebrities, Hollywood stars, royalty, heads of state and of large international companies.  I can understand that.  It’s convenient to think that somewhere else someone has a better life than you, that is unavaible to you, evidenced by their wonderful wardrobe full of carefully chosen clothes that all suit each other, shoes for every occasion and the perfect accessory for every outfit.

While these people may have access to clothes, stylists and advisors that others don’t, this is not necessarily true though.  It might be a story that you are telling yourself because you don’t feel you deserve better.  So, if I said to you now that it is totally realistic to expect to have a beautiful collection of clothes to wear whatever your age, income level and life situation, how would you feel? Would you think you deserved it or shy away from stepping into a bigger version of you? A version where you did wear the most amazing collection of clothes evey day?

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With a few tweaks to what you are buying and your attitude to your purchases, you can easily have a wardrobe that anyone would be proud of.  Even the A-lister clan. A wardrobe that you can’t quite believe is yours each time you open the door.  Instead of that sinking feeling when you are looking for clothes to wear, you’ll be calm and relaxed and excited about what you are going to choose.

Curious?  Yes!  Then read on.

Wake up every day to a beautiful collection of clothes

Would you like to wake up every day, open the door to your wardrobe, and have beautiful clothes waiting for you to choose and wear? 
I have a question for you. 
What is a beautiful collection of clothes to you?  What does it look like?  Just stop for a moment and imagine it.  Maybe think of a couple of outfits that would be in that amazing wardrobe for you.
Now write down what you are thinking. What are the outfits you thought of?  Here are mine:

  1. white silk shirtdress
  2. trouser and a matching hip length top with a self tie belt.

I can picture the jewellery too: a jade bead necklace, for the dress and a long length bead necklace with a tassle on it.  Gold earrings.  Large Murano glass ring.

What was yours?  Write it down.  Then ask yourself, if you could wear anything today, what would it be?  For me, it would be a fun dress (full skirt, bright colours, sleeveless, a bit of net in the skirt to make it move when I walk).

Beautiful latin woman with red lipstick and eye make up, forming a kiss to the camera

How much time do you give to planning what you want to wear?

We will use these examples that you have created later on.  But this is the reason I asked you this now: Is that the most amount of time, in a long time, that you have consciously given to thinking about what you would like to wear?  I suspect, for many of you, it will be.  We don’t think positively and proactively about our clothes and then we wonder why we don’t have anything to wear, or don’t like anything that we do have.

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The good news is that is is perfect possible to turn your random selection of clothes into a beautiful collection of items you love and wear.

You just need to follow these easy steps

Steps to turn your clothes into A-List wardrobe stardom

The steps listed below are:
Stop buying clothes intermittently and ad hoc
Buy for the long term
Plan ahead
Keep a list
Refine your style

For A-lister chic: Stop buying clothes intermittently and ad hoc

We are all tempted to do this.  Random, online purchases; items you’ve bought from catalogues when you’re bored; clothes you’ve bought in shops when you want the thrill of the purchase but can’t find anything you really want to buy.  I can guarantee this leads to large piles of clothes, most of which you hardly wear, if at all.  That large pile of tee shirts that are all the same?  The jackets which don’t fit.  The ten shirts all in the same shade of blue and you only wear 2 of them.  This is why.  You’re buying intermittently and ad hoc and it needs to stop.

For A-lister chic: Buy for the long term

One of the great secrets of wardrobe and clothing success is understanding that buying long term will reap you so many more rewards than panic buying.  Planning in advance gives you confidence and authority.  Do you ever see the Queen, or another female head of state appearing in public looking like they are not prepared?  No.  When you see an actress or other A-lister on the red carpet appearing in public looking amazing and you think, “Oh my goodness, they look amazing.  If only I had her team of people”, do they look unprepared?  No.

And what you need to realise is that there is no difference between someone you might admire from afar, and yourself.  None at all.  All those women who look well prepared and beautifully put together have worked hard to look like that.

Yes, they may have a team of people to help them get dressed.  But you can do it on your own every day.  Day in day out.  And you will probably really enjoy it.  It’s like a game.

Plan your wardrobe like a military strategy.  Have fun with it.  Be in control of it.  And buy long term.

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A-lister chic: Plan ahead, plan seasonally, and plan for events

In addition to buying long term, learn to plan ahead.  Plan seasonally and plan for events.

For example, you’re going on holiday.

You plan all of the holiday: the itinerary, the tickets, who will look after the dog, who will keep an eye on the house

You pack your bags, prepare the house to leave it, put an auto-responder on your email.

Then with half an hour to go, you realise that the taxi will be here shortly and you think, Those jeans, they’ll do

That top, it’s comfy

That jumper, it’ll double as a pillow on the flight

Those trainers, for practicality at the airport.

Then you arrive at the airport.  And there is this woman in amazing clothes, that you would love to wear.  She looks happy and relaxed.  You think, I’d love to have her life.

She obviously has very little to do, that she can look so beautifully prepared.  With all those children.  And all those suitcases.

But actually you could have planned what to wear.

That’s just a small example, but it illustrates the point.

It’s the same at Christmas.  It’s such a busy time and often the last thing we are thinking of is what we are going to wear over the holiday season.  So when it comes down to it, you haven’t planned what to wear, so you don’t show up like you could.  It makes you feel regretful, as if you are lacking in some way, or that you have failed.  But you haven’t failed.  You just didn’t plan.

I have previously worked for a woman who had a semi-public role with her husband for a while.  We planned her wardrobe in advance.  It’s great fun.  Give it a go.  But make no mistake, plan to look good.  It won’t happen by chance.

How to look like an A-lister: Keep a wardrobe list of items you have and items you want

If you are going to have an organised, A-lister type wardrobe, it’s going to start with knowing what’s in your wardrobe, and what items you might be looking to buy in the future.

I think it’s definitely worth keeping a tally of what items you have in your wardrobe and what items you want.  I don’t think it’s overindulgent or self-obsessed to do so.  We plan for all other purchases, I think our wardrobe purchases should be carefully thought out and budgeted.  If you want to look as good as you can, and not break the bank, get used to budgeting.  Set your budget and find the best quality that you can for that budget.

It’s really not an issue if you can’t currently afford to buy the level of quality you would like.  The important aspect is the planning, the organising.  You can easily shop in ore reasonably priced shops and look impeccably turned out. But keep and eye out for sales and seasonal reductions for the shops that you love. The important point is to start creating your wardrobe, not to put it off. If you put it off, you’re delaying it and somehow saying that you’re not worthy of it. So step into it today.

You can also plan ahead to help you buy the quality you would like. What items do you need next?  A winter coat?  Write it down and keep looking for a coat until you find it and use the sales time to search out a really good reduction on a perfect wool coat, rather than fritter it on smaller items that you don’t really need.

A-list women have a great selection of accessories.  What accessories are missing, or could do with an update in your wardrobe?  Gloves?  wool scarf?  silk scarf?  Write it all down.  Then you have a focus of what you are going to look for when you do shop, whether it’s on-line or in person at the shops.

A-list chic: Refine your style

Look at any A-lister woman and they have a particular style that is all their own. And this is true for all of us. For some women it is a style that has evolved out of practicality for their role.  For other women their style is an expression of their personality.  For other women their style is a reflection of the life they are living, their work, their passions.

You can have a conscious style, one that you are intentionally creating and of course you can have an unintentional style which comes out of ignoring those aspects of yourself that are to do with self expression and self fulfilment.

And if you think of those gorgeous Hollywood actresses on the red carpet and maybe think of a time when you saw one of those actresses, or actors, in the most fabulous outfit. I think of Halle Berry with that short hair cut and that amazing Ellie Saab gown, that’s my all-time favourite. And it’s just a snapshot of a moment in time. And that’s all we are ever creating really, snapshots. You walk into a room, that’s a snapshot. You get out of a car, that’s a snapshot. And it’s quite an interesting way of looking at life. You’re creating snapshots in time. Even if you’re commuting, even if you’re on the pitch sidelines, even if you’re at your desk. It’s all snapshots.

And of course that’s conscious style, it’s style that you are intentionally creating. You’re creating your life through your style. of course you create your life in other ways to: through your relationships, through the legacy you want to leave, through the way you choose to live your life.

My point is that conscious style is intentionally chosen. And that life is often seen in snapshots.

So your style is a way of choosing that snapshot. It’s like your theme. A life theme. Like the music of your life in visual format.

You can choose any style and adopt it as your own.  Just pick one.  Then go all out with that look.

Is it sleek and sophisticated?  Trendy?  Modern and pared down?  Classic? Bohemian?

What is it about you that makes you uniquely you?  That is the look that you need to make your own.

Don’t mess around with just wearing a pair of jeans and a tee shirt and not being intentional about what you are wearing.

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What you’d like to wear…

Go back up to the section where you wrote down what you would like to wear.  My choices were:

White silk shirtdress and trouser and a matching hip length top with a self tie belt.  The jewellery that I pictured was:

A jade bead necklace, for the dress and a long length bead necklace with a tassle on it.  Gold earrings.  Large Murano glass ring.

Looking at what I wrote I can tell that I want to dress in a more sophisticated way than I have in the last couple of years.  I already wear dresses, but the fact that I thought of the most impractical white silk shirtdress and trousers that weren’t jeans indicates to me that I’m entering a more grown up style of dressing.  So that’s the direction I’m going to head in.

Try that exercise now if you didn’t do it before.  Just take a few minutes.  See what you’d like to wear.

Spend a little time thinking about how you want to look and go for that.  And only that.

We are all A-list women

The reality is, cheesy as it sounds, but we are all A-lister women.  Whether this fact is acknowledged by the media or not is irrelevant.  Your life is equally as deserving as the woman next door and as the A-list celebrity or public figure.  We have the same opportunity, every day, to turn up and look and feel our best.  Life is for living.  Get out there every day and do your best.  Create your own A-lister life that you want to spend time in every day.  That’s all any of us can do.

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Have a great day.


Sarah Banks is a designer, blogger and internet entrepreneur. Having started her entrepreneurial life with a couture wedding and day dress company she then got hooked on all things on-line, bringing her businesses online and fusing both worlds. Her experience and knowledge in creating one-off garments for her clients was the foundation for Working Frocks and she is uniquely placed to give styling advice, being not only a blogger, but a couture designer too.

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